Top 9 Best Tennis Shoes You Should Buy — Product Reviews In 2021

If you want to shorten the learning curve or take your a game notch higher, you need to use the best tennis shoes. While footwear plays a vital role in the sport, many people still don’t give the accesory the seriousness it deserves. Many will pick any shoe just because it’s affordable.

Others focus more on the appearance while there are those who will adorn any shoe as long as it fits. The sad bit, however, is that the above practices more often than not lead to unimpressive results. You’ll end up skidding or falling too much because of poor traction or grip. Or your feet will develop blisters or sores because they don’t fit right. Additionally, the interior may stink too much and your feet will sweat a lot due to poor air ventilation. It’s always important that you buy the best tennis shoes on the market. The following are some good options:

#9. Adidas Women’s Gamecourt Tennis Shoe

Adidas Women's Gamecourt Tennis Shoe

By: Adidas

These shoes are perfect for women, both beginners, and professionals. They look classy and elegant thanks to the white and blue colors. Besides, they are lightweight and also very flexible. Putting them on and also, taking them off is thus not a problem. They flex well and this gives you better movement and control. Morever, they gave a smooth interior and won’t scratch or feel funny on the foot. They also keep the foot cool even in hot days or intense play because of the highly breathable nature that allows air to circulate easily and effectively. The upper comprises both textile and synthetics and is pretty tough and durable.

It will put up with the flexing, bangs, abrasion, dust, sweat, water, and much more. And for good traction on different surfaces, the footwear comes with a high-quality rubber sole. It maintains a firm grasp on clay as well as hard courts. And for good support as well as balance, it comprises TPU reinforcements. This shoe is very easy to clean since it doesn’t get dirty too quickly. Also, it dries fairly fast.

#8. ASICS Women’s Gel-Dedicate 6 Tennis Shoes

ASICS Women's Gel-Dedicate 6 Tennis Shoes

By: Asics

Next on our best tennis shoes review is this pair by Asics. Gel-Dedicate 6 is ideal for woman players. It looks very sleek and also modern and is a good choice for learners and also for elites. We love their simple design and good flexibility, which makes adorning them very easy. Taking them off is also not a problem. The high quality piece comes in a nice white and laser pink color. This will make you stand out and also look very fashionable. More to this, it’s very lightweight and flexes quite well. This ensures that you move, jump, and stop very effectively.

The upper comprises of manmade materials and is super smooth and also tough at the same time. It will put up with the running, instant stopping, skidding, and the elements quite well. Furthermore, it has a nice rubber sole that maintains firm grip on various surfaces. This minimizes the odds of you sliding and losing balance or even falling. Thanks to the breathable mesh, the interior remains cool and this improves the circulation. You, therefore, won’t experience numbness. Morever, it also helps to prevent odor from building up especially in intense play.

#7. Adidas Men’s Adizero Club Tennis Shoe

Adidas Men's Adizero Club Tennis Shoe

By: Adidas

Next, we have the Adizero Club tennis shoe. It comes in a combination of colors, which include white, black and signal coral. This gives it a modern and chic look that most players will appreciate. It targets male players new to the game as well as the experienced. And like the rest on these reviews, it’s a pretty lightweight shoe. Therefore, you or any other player won’t struggle with weight. This proves critical since the practice or game can last for hours. Morever, it also has amazing breathability thanks to the design. It will allow air to move in and out without limitation. In so doing, it keeps the interior and feet dry. Also, it plays a role in minimizing odor buildup.

The synthetic upper, although light, is tough. This allows the shoe to endure the movements, bangs, and much more well. Besides, it offers good balance and support. We give it thumb up for the decent rubber sole which gives the player good traction. In comparison to most options out there, it’s more resistant to dust, and dirt. Also, it cleans fast and also dries quicker.

#6. MAYZERO Kids Tennis Shoes Breathable Running Shoes Walking Shoes Fashion Sneakers for Boys and Girls

MAYZERO Kids Tennis Shoes Breathable Running Shoes Walking Shoes Fashion Sneakers for Boys and Girls


Also featuring in the best tennis shoes review is the MAYZERO piece. It’s suitable for kids who are learning or already know how to play. And to suit theier style, it comes in a flashy and colorful deign. You’ll find black, green, white and other colors. The footwear comprises a sturdy design and the materils are equally strong. It will put up with use and misuse quite well. What’s more, it’s very lightweight and also very comfortable. The user will experience no discomfort even after many hours of use. It also has a good breathability to minimise excessive sweating or bad smell in the interior.

The flexible nature and wide opening improve wearability. And to make sure it stays put on the foot, the shoe includes effective hook-and-loop fastener closure. It also has a good fabric shoe lining that feels cozy to the skin. The insole has good cushioning for extra comfort. And for maximum traction and to minimize slippage, it boasts of a sturdy rubber sole. Other than playing tennis, the shoe is also perfect for running, walking, traveling and casual wear.

#5. Cole Haan Men’s Grandpro Tennis Fashion Sneaker

Cole Haan Men's Grandpro Tennis Fashion Sneaker

By: Cole Haan

This sneaker is suitable for playing tennis. Also, it is good for casual wearing. It’s ideal for men that plays tennis or those who want to look fashionable. The footwear comes in a black color and is of high quality. This contributes to its popularity. The upper is pretty tough thanks to being 100% leather. This handles play, walking, running, abrasion, enviromental factors, regular cleaning and much more. Moreover, it’s lightweight despite being genuine leather. Therefore, you will have a wonderful experience whether replaying or wearing casually.

It features a rubber sole that has a nice firm grip. This applies to different surfaces including a hard court, clay, grass and more. Besides, it has a super cozy interior, which is also smooth. This prevents scratching and leaving marks on the skin. The nice laces firmly secure it on the foot. Therefore, the possibility of it coming off the foot in intense play is low. Moreover, it has good air circulation to prevent odor and also keep the feet cool. In comparison to other sneakers or shoes in the same class, this pair lasts for a longer period.

#4. ASICS Women’s Gel-Game 7 Tennis Shoes

ASICS Women's Gel-Game 7 Tennis Shoes


With the best tennis shoes, playing or even learning the game becomes easier. You’ll have better support and the chances of you falling will be minimal. Moreover, you’ll feel comfortable throughout and this also prevents side effects like bruises, blisters, corns, and more. The ASICS Gel-Game 7 is among the top options you’ll find in the market. It’s highly quality and targets female players who want top performance. And coming from one if the leading brands, you are more sure of it delivering on this. It looks stylish and fashionable thanks to the laser pink and white color. Also, the modern styling also plays part in this.

It has a fabric upper, which feels sturdy. It won’t rip or tears easily. Also, it doesn’t discolor or fade too fast. The rubber sole is also firm and provide a good grip on the different surfaces. It minimizes skidding and also wont leave markings. Moreover, it won’t crack or deform over time. The shoe relies on Forefoot GEL Cushioning mechanism to offer good shock and impact absorption. And for easy maintenance and cleaning, the sockliner is removable.

#3. ASICS Men’s Gel-Game 7 Tennis Shoes

ASICS Men's Gel-Game 7 Tennis Shoes


These shoes are ideal for men and look classy thanks to the peacock color. They are lightweight and likewise extremely flexible. Putting them on and taking them off is hence not a problem. They flex well and this offers you good control. Morever, they have a smooth interior and will not scrape the foot. They also keep the foot cool in hot days or intense play due to the extremely breathable nature that allows air to flow conveniently as well as efficiently.

The top comprises synthetics and is tough as well as long-lasting. It will tolerate flexing, bangs, abrasion, dust, sweat, water, and also a lot more. And to grip on various surface areas, the footwear includes a top-quality rubber sole. It maintains strong traction on clay and hard courts. This shoe is really simple to tidy and likewise dries out quick.

#2. Adidas Men’s Courtjam Bounce Tennis Shoe

Adidas Men's Courtjam Bounce Tennis Shoe

By: Adidas

Adidas Men’s Courtjam Bounce Tennis is suitable for male players. It looks modern and is a good selection for beginners as well as pros. They are basic design and have excellent flexibility hence extremely simple to wear and take off. The top quality item is available in a white, light gray and black color. This will make you look stylish. It’s extremely lightweight and this makes certain that you move, jump, and stop efficiently. Moreover, you won’t feel its weight.

The top consists of manmade materials and textiles and is also very smooth. Additionally, it’s tough at the same time to tolerate the running, skidding, braking and also the elements. Furthermore, it has a good rubber sole that maintains a firm grip on numerous surface areas. This lessens the odds of you losing balance or perhaps falling. Thanks to the breathable mesh, the interior remains cools and you consequently won’t experience stuffiness or sweat excessively. It has a nice interior lining for additional comfort and is also easy to clean. Besides, it handles the impact and shock pretty well.

#1. Adidas Men’s VS Advantage Clean Tennis Shoes

Adidas Men's VS Advantage Clean Tennis Shoes

By: Advantage

Completing the bet tennis shoe review is the Advantage Clean shoe. The professionally styled shoe offers good service and is suitable for high performance. The tough rubber sole offers good stability and is also very comfortable. It allows you to move quickly in the court and also minimizes falling and skidding. This is courtesy of the high-quality materials. Moreover, it’s a durable piece that will handle even the harsh courts well. It doesn’t wear out too soon and also maintains its integrity. And like the sole, the upper is also exemplary.

It comprises tough synthetic materials to tolerate the use as well as abuse. It looks elegant thanks to the styling and is also very flexible. This boosts wearability hence you’ll have an easier time putting it on as well as removing it. The nice lace closure ensures it doesn’t leave the foot even in demanding situations.

The smooth lining keeps the interior cozy whereas the nice air movements combat heat buildup. This shoe is perfect for professionals and amateurs too which is why it’s the best tennis shoes in the market.


The above are the best tennis shoes in the market. They target newbies as well as pros. We went for them because they already enjoy popular comments and reviews. Comers and experts will talk about their reliability, comfort, safety, effectiveness, and durability. Moreover, they have a super smooth interior and also have good breathability. This ensures the foot is dry and also remains cool even in the hot weather. What’s more, they are very lightweight and also flexible. Moving around with them is thus not a problem. Other things that contribute to their reliability and good performance include nice grip, good shock and impact absorption, easy cleaning and maintenance, high quality and very affordable. With the best tennis shoes, you will put out a better performance at the court.

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