Top 8 Best Racquetball Racquets Of All Time — Reviews

Whether a beginner or a seasoned player, one thing is that you’ll need the best racquetball racquets if you want the best experience. A good unit will help you learn the sport sooner rather than later hence shortening the learning curve. Also, it will help you to improve your skills over time. The product comes in all manner of sizes, colors, designs, brands, prices, and much more. This makes finding a specific unit a bit of a challenge. And without adequate knowledge, information, or even time to research and compare you may easily make the wrong decision. The following are the best racquetball racquets in 2021:

#8. E-Force Apocalypse Racquetball Racquet Series

E-Force Apocalypse Racquetball Racquet Series

By: E-Force Store

This is a practical racquet that suits intermediates as well as advanced players. It’s a well-made piece that comprises strong materials. Therefore, it will endure the use quite well. It tolerates bangs, abrasion, sweat, moisture and more. And thanks to its versatility, it proves useful for different skill sets and techniques. This particular piece has a decent size of just 160 grams. It thus feels comfortable in the hands. Nonetheless, if you want more power or thrust, you also have heavier options that include 170,175, and 190-gram units.

We love the nice handle design as well as the nonslip grip. This provides an ergonomic hold to minimize fatigue and discomfort. Besides, it feels well balanced for easier control and maximum performance. The racquet weighs 0.71 ponds and holding it for long periods isn’t an issue.

  • Suits intermediates and advanced players
  • Well-made from strong materials
  • Tolerates bangs, abrasion, sweat, moisture, etc
  • Versatile and very practical
  • Decent size and weight

This racquet suits intermediates and advanced players. It’s well made from strong materials and tolerates bangs, abrasion, sweat, moisture, and much more. Morever, it’s versatile and very practical to suit different skills as well as situations. It comes in a decent size and weight too.

#7. HEAD Liquid Metal Racquetball Racquet Series

HEAD Liquid Metal Racquetball Racquet Series

By: HEAD Store

This is also a good choice and targets beginners and also intermediates. It’s a high-quality piece that comprises a tough aluminum frame. Therefore, it won’t rust, corrode, or start pitting. We love the nice weight balancing as well as lightweight of just 0.01 pounds. This allows you to use it for long sessions with no problems. And to further enhance the experience.

It features a nice handle grip with a nonslip an anti-sweat characteristics the 3 5/8-inch grip is also ergonomically styled for extra safety and maximum satisfaction. Apart from this racquet, which weighs 170.0 grams, you also get units weighing 180 and 190 grams. Thanks to the Head Liquidmetal technology, it will deliver high force despite you applying minimal effort. What’s more, it’s easy to control and is also very consistent.

  • Nice weight balancing and good size
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • A nice handle grip and nonslip
  • Ergonomically styled and high quality
  • Easy control and good performance

Thus unit feels very comfortable and is also lightweight and of high quality. We like the robust frame that handles the use well. Besides, it’s ergonomic styled for maximum comfort and delivers decent power. The handles are nonslip and it also feels well balanced and has a decent size.

#6. HEAD Intelligence i.165 Racquet

HEAD Intelligence i.165 Racquet

By: HEAD Store

HEAD Intelligence i.165 Racquet is not only popular but also very practical. It suits beginners and intermediates and comes ready to use. The unit comprises a strong fiberglass frame and robust strings to endure the use as well as abuse well. Also, it resists bangs, abrasion, breakage, and more quite well. The unit proves effective for players with different skills and has a decent weight of 165 grams.

The handle feels comfortable in the hands and is also nonslip to prevent it from slipping off. We love the 3 5/78-grip size, which suits both small and large hands. Also, it comes with a decent 103 square-inch head and this minimizes the chances of you missing the ball. And with a 16/10 string pattern, it provides good power for you to deliver amazing shots.

  • Feels comfortable in the hands
  • Handles long play sessions well
  • A good choice for beginners and also intermediates
  • High quality and a tough frame
  • Won’t rust, corrode, or start pitting

This item feels comfortable in the hands and handles long play sessions quite well. It’s a good choice for beginners and also intermediates and is of high quality. The tough frame and strings tolerate the use well while the nice handle improves handling. It won’t rust, corrode, or start to pit.

#5. E-Force -170-lite Bedlam

E-Force -170-lite Bedlam

By: E-Force Store

This unit also ranks as one of the best racquetball racquets in the current market. It’s suitable for players of different skills. These include beginners and also intermediates. We love 170-gram weight as well as good balancing. Also, it has a nice design and this enables you to use it for long periods. The nice handle grip comes with a nonslip finish and feels quite comfortable. Also, it is anti-sweat to minimize the odds of it slipping off the hands.

Thanks to the 3 5/8-inch grip, it will fit all right in different hands and also offers good control. The Launch Pad technology plays a critical role in good control and lets you use lesser effort than most of its alternatives. However, the force will be much greater.

  • Very comfortable and ergonomic styled
  • Delivers decent power
  • Nice handle design and a nonslip grip
  • Very comfortable and well balanced
  • Easy to control and good performance

This racquet delivers decent power and has a nice handle design with a nonslip grip. It’s very comfortable and also well balanced for easy to control and top performance. It’s very comfortable and also ergonomic styled for maximum comfirt and minimal fatigue.

#4. HEAD 165, 170, 175 Zeus, Hades, Ares Racquetball Racquet

HEAD 165, 170, 175 Zeus, Hades, Ares Racquetball Racquet

By: HEAD Store

With racquet but HEAD, you’ll be able to learn as well as improve your skills. We love its efficiency, which minimizes the learning curve. What’s more, it’s lightweight, weighing just 175 grams. Therefore, handling it, especially in long sessions of play isn’t an issue. It suits beginners, intermediates, and advanced players. Like other top choices, it’s well made to handle the use as well as abuse.

The strong materials handle the use, bangs, abrasion, moisture, impact, environmental factors, and more. It’s also a versatile unit to cater to different techniques. We love the 3 5/8-inch grip, which feels comfortable in different hands. It’s also non-slip and therefore cases of it slipping are very low. And thanks to the easy control and practical weight, the racquet remains a top choice for most users.

  • Nice weight balancing and lightweight
  • Comfortable and a nice handle grip
  • Nonslip and anti-sweat
  • Ergonomically styled and safe design
  • Good weight and nice design

This piece has a good weight and design. We appreciate the nice weight balancing and the lightweight too. This is a comfortable unit that has a nice handle grip. Its also nonslip and anti-sweat hence won’t slip off the hands easily. It’s ergonomically styled and has a safe design for maximum performance.

#3. Deluxe Racquetball Starter Series

Deluxe Racquetball Starter Series

By: Python Racquetball Store

This is a good racquet and weighs 2.2 pounds. We appreciate its tough nature as well as high quality. This is owing to the tough frame and strong strings. Also, it’s resistant to rust, corrosion, pitting, or color fade. It delivers good power and also handles the shots well. We love the ergonomic nature that reduces fatigue as well as discomfort. And like other top picks, it’s well balanced and also much easier to control in comparison to other options in a similar class.

It will remain firm in the hands, even in intense moments. Chances of it slipping or you losing control are minimal. What’s more, it comes ready for play and has a smooth finish, which is resistant to dust, sweat, dust, and stains. Besides, it’s simple to wipe and clean and maintains its elegant appeal.

  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • High quality and a robust frame
  • Ergonomic styled and delivers decent power
  • A nonslip grip and well balanced
  • Versatile and decent size

If you want a high quality and reliable performance, then you’ll appreciate this racquet. It delivers high force and is also easy to use. We love the easy to control as well as the consistent perforamce. Morever, it’s made from tough materials and lasts a long time. The smooth finish is easy to clean.

#2. Wilson Striker Racquet for Racquetball

Wilson Striker Racquet for Racquetball

By: Wilson Store

Wilson Striker Racquet looks trendy thanks to its red color and design. It suits beginners and intermediates and enjoys numerous positive reviews. The high-quality piece is known for the brutal force it delivers. Also, it offers easy control courtesy of the lightweight and the good 3 5/8-inch grip. The unit fits comfortably in the hands and doesn’t encourage sweating. It comprises a sturdy frame and is resistant to corrosion, rust, pitting, fading, chipping, and more.

We love the V-matrix frame that enhances the spring’s flexibility to suit different preferences and techniques. And thanks to the extra stiffness, you’ll enjoy greater strength and more power. Also, the lightweight allows you to handle the unit for long periods. The ergonomic handle grip minimizes fatigue and discomfort. Also, it’s nonslip and remains firm in the hands.

  • High quality and reliable performance
  • Delivers high force and easy to use
  • Easy to control and very consistent
  • Made from tough materials
  • Smooth, easy-clean finish

This is a nice racquetball racquet. It’s very practical. Simple and suits beginners and intermediates. We like the good weight balancing as well as the size and weight. It’s also lightweight, very comfortable and has a nice nonslip handle grip. Also, its ergonomically styled and of high quality.

#1. Python Intro 5000 Series Racquetball Racquet (Beginner Frame)

Python Intro 5000 Series Racquetball Racquet (Beginner Frame)

By: Python Racquetball Store

Coming from the 5000 Series this Python racquet should be what you are after. It can be for self or a gift to another person. We love its practicality as well as simplicity. Besides, it’s versatile and suits beginners, intermediates, and recreational as well as competitive plays. The high quality and strong built handles the operation well. It’s also resistant to rust, corrosion, color fade, and more. Therefore, it handles the use, abrasion, environmental aspects and will also maintain its good appeal for a long time.

We appreciate the lightweight that suits long sessions as well as the nice nonslip grip. Chances of slippage especially in intense play are less likely. It comes with a 3 5/8-inch grip and is also ergonomically styled for maximum comfort and satisfaction. And like other consumers, you will find the blue color quite trendy. Also, the smooth finish cleans up easily and it maintains its sleek nature for a long time.

  • High quality and longlasting
  • Reliable and consistent performance
  • Easy to use and control
  • Very consistent and an easy-clean finish
  • Made from tough materials

This is a high quality and longlasting racquet. It’s reliable and delivers consistent performance. Whats more, it’s easy to use and control and is also very consistent. We love the smooth easy-clean finish as well as the tough built thanks to the tough materials.


The above choices rank among the best racquetball racquets in the market. We went for choices that already enjoy top reviews and also have high ratings. This goes to show that both consumers and experts appreciate them. And as you will observe, they come for well-established and top brands. This further cements their reliability, durability, effectiveness, and versatility. They are of high quality, made from tough materials, and toilette the use, misuse, bangs, abrasion, and much more well. They have good weight balancing and fit in the hands comfortably. Besides, they are lightweight and have a nonslip handle for easy control. Other reasons why they are the best racquetball racquets in 2021 include good ergonomics, simple maintenance, trendy looks, and competitive pricing.

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