The 10 Best Gymnastics Grips In 2021 — Reviews

Working out is more fruitful with the best gymnastics grips. It improves your hold on weight or bar hence ensures you put in your all. Chances of your hands slipping and you falling or the weight dropping is greatly reduced. What’s more, they offer adequate protection against abrasion, friction, sores, numbness, and other forms of injurers. They are many products readily available in the market. The following are some of the best gymnastics grips in 2021:

#10. WOD&DONE Custom Hand Protection Athletic Grips for Pull-ups, Functional Fitness, Gymnastics

WOD&DONE Custom Hand Protection Athletic Grips for Pull-ups, Functional Fitness, Gymnastics


WOD&DONE handgrips are popular with beginners along with seasoned individuals. They are very flexible and also easy to put on and take off. We love the simple black color as well as lightweight. Also, they are basic, go well with different situations and surroundings. The unisex pieces suit both women and men. Moreover, they have a 2-finger style and offer good protection to the palm as well as fingers.

They are made of authentic leather and are very tough and resilient. In addition, they fit comfortably on the hand and likewise offer fantastic defense from hard surfaces, friction, abrasion, sores, sweat, and even more. At the same time, you get an optimum grip to prevent slippage or the weight falling off.

  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Strong and durable
  • Feel comfortable in the hands
  • Firm gripe and non-slip
  • Made from authentic leather

With these grips, lifting weights or pulling yourself is more convenient and also safer. You’ll handle different exercises well and they also are very flexible. Putting them on as well as tasking them off is easy. They comprise of tough and durable leather and also offer a nice firm grip.

#9. PHERAL FIT Natural Leather Hand Grips – Gymnastics Grips Wrist

PHERAL FIT Natural Leather Hand Grips - Gymnastics Grips Wrist


With the best gymnastics grips such as this pair by PHERAL FIT, you’ll enjoy a better workout session. They are well built and also come in a simple and practical design. Moreover, they are suitable for both men as well as women. And thanks to their flexible nature, wearing and removing them is pretty simple. You can use this pair in a series of exercises/ workouts. These include Pull-ups, Power Cleans, Snatches, Kettlebell swings, Bust to a bar, Deadlight, Powerlifting, Muscle-ups, and many others.

We like the toughness that enables them to stand up to the strain, tension as well as regular use. Moreover, the surface area is large for better protection. It also won’t start flaking off and is less likely to rip or come apart thanks to the strong stitching.

  • Great size and design
  • Very flexible and lightweight
  • Good coverage and protection
  • Suitable for any user
  • Easy to wear and remove

Working out or performing acrobatics is much more comfortable with these grips. They are ideal for acrobatics, crossfit, weight training, deadlight, and numerous other exercises. They are very simple as well as flexible. This makes adornment along with removal pretty easy. Additionally, they suit men and women.

#8. Cross Training Grips, Best Gymnastics Grips

Cross Training Grips, Best Gymnastics Grips

By: Grip Power Pads®

With the best gymnastics grips like this pair by Grip Power, you will not experience slipperiness, soreness, pain, or discomfort. Also, you are unlikely to develop numbness or blisters during or after a workout. They offer good protection to the hands and fingers. In addition, they provide a firm hold that minimizes the odds of the weight or yourself slipping or falling.

This item is a perfect option for both males and females. It can be worn by beginners, along with professionals. Moreover, It fits flawlessly on the hand is additionally really flexible. It comprises real tough leather to easily manage the use and won’t rip, tear, flake, or discolor.

  • Made from resilient leather
  • Ideal for numerous exercises
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Lightweight and very flexible

This product offers a wonderful grip and support. This boosts the hold as well as comfort. Therefore, chances of weight slipping are minimal. It’s made of genuine leather and also fits nicely on the hands. Moreover, it’s lightweight and also very flexible. You won’t experience any discomfort or soreness.

#7. JerkFit WODies Hand Grips with Wrist Wraps

JerkFit WODies Hand Grips with Wrist Wraps

By: JerkFit

This is a fantastic paint of grips. They are ideal for the gym, acrobatics, workouts, and much more. It has a smooth coating and a nice texture. Also, it provides age firm hold on weight and is very comfortable. The accessory combats sweat and this makes certain the hold is tight with minimal odds of slippage.

It consists of wrist covers to prevent fatigue and unnecessary movement. Also, they are strong and have a nice dimension that fits well and also offers great protection to the hand. And thanks to the good breathability, the hands won’t sweat too much and also won’t develop an odor.

  • Good protection
  • Nice coverage
  • They don’t contain toxic compounds
  • Fit nicely on the hands
  • Versatile and good breathability

These pair ranks among the best gymnastics grips. The measurement is quite good and offers amazing coverage. Also, they are very flexible; hence putting on and removing is easy. They fit on both men’s and women’s hands and offer great performance. Besides, they are made of tough products.

#6. AEOLOS Leather Gymnastics Hand Grips-Great

AEOLOS Leather Gymnastics Hand Grips-Great


The AEOLOS grips are made of natural leather. They are very functional and also of top quality. You can utilize them in various situations, including pull-ups, deadlights, crossfit, weight training, acrobatics, muscle building, Kettlebells, gymnastic, and far more. The basic design and excellent flexibility wiring/ removal easy. Also, they come with 2 ports for the fingers and the palm region is much larger. This provides a better grasp as well as protection.

They offer a better hold than most alternatives and are made of genuine natural leather. This handles the rubbing/ friction, sweat, stretching, moisture, and more well. You can adorn them for a prolonged period with no problems at all.

  • Offer wonderful support
  • Good protection
  • Easy wearing and removing
  • Built from resilient leather
  • Simple to wipe and clean

This pair of grips prove very reliable. We appreciate a resilient service. In addition, we like their versatility, which makes adorning, as well as taking off simple. They are basic, simple, and very easy to wipe or clean up. What’s more, with proper use and care, they do last for a long time.

#5. WODFitters Textured Leather Hand Grips

WODFitters Textured Leather Hand Grips

By: WODFitters

This pair of grips provide a remarkable grasp and, at the same time, protects your hands. This allows you to work out better and also lessens pains, sores, exhaustion, or injury. The product is very lightweight and also comfortable. Also, it doesn’t encourage sweating and has good breathability.

The grips are available in a simple design and the color is also decent. They likewise have superior sewing and are not prone to splitting. Furthermore, they are simple to wipe, clean, and also last a long time. We love their lightweight and cozy feel.

  • Ideal for men and women
  • Lightweight and very flexible
  • Perfect for many exercises
  • Easy to wear/remove
  • High quality and durable

This product is optimal for both men and women. It serves well in many exercises. These include Kettlebells, bodybuilding, acrobatics, crossfit, weightlifting, and many others. The grips are strong, durable, and deliver amazing service. Cleaning it is pretty simple and they don’t get dirty easily.

#4. Bear KompleX 2 Whole Leather Hand Grips

Bear KompleX 2 Whole Leather Hand Grips

By: Bear KompleX

Bear KompleX is a name that is common in the best gymnastic grips reviews. It’s well known and has numerous quality products. This pair is preferred by both novices as well as professionals. It has a 2-finger layout and is simple to put on as well as remove. Additionally, it comprises genuine leather and is very tough and longlasting.

They fit well and also offer good defense against abrasion, soreness, or injury. What’s more, they offer you a firm hold. Many consumers praise them for their lightweight as well as comfortable nature. Also, they have good breathability to minimize sweating, odor, and slipperiness.

  • Reduces friction
  • Boosts the grip
  • Feel wonderful on the hands
  • Good breathability and no smell
  • Easy to wash and take care of

With these grips, you or any other person will carry out gymnastics, weight lifting, and various other activities much better. They are very lightweight and also quite flexible. Putting them on as well as taking them off is pretty simple. We enjoy the style as well as high quality.

#3. JerkFit RAW Grips 2 Finger Leather Hand Grips

JerkFit RAW Grips 2 Finger Leather Hand Grips

By: JerkFit

You can use this pair of grips in a series of workouts. Good examples include Powerlifting, Pull-ups, Toes to Prevent, Kettlebell swings, Chest to bar, Snatches, Muscle-ups, Deadlights, Snatches, Power Cleans, Knees to Elbow, Gymnastics, and more. They work extremely well and sustain the pressure and friction well. The surface and tough stitching ensure the accessory is not undamaged. Besides, it prevents blisters, soreness, or any other form of injury to the hands.

It’s easy to wipe off dust, dirt, and other things courtesy of the nice texture. You can adorn them for a long period and the hands won’t become too wet. They also ensure there is no odor thanks to the good breathability.

  • Good size and weight
  • User-friendly design and very flexible
  • Fits comfortably in the hands
  • Suitable for any user
  • Easy to use

This is a great product that targets any users. It is lightweight and this makes adornment along with removal easy. Moreover, their flexible nature fits different customers well. It comprises durable leather and offers a longlasting solution. Cleaning or wiping off dust, dirt, sweat, or mixtures is easy.

#2. Bear KompleX 3 Hole Crossfit Grips and Gymnastics Grips Great

Bear KompleX 3 Hole Crossfit Grips and Gymnastics Grips Great

By: Bear KompleX

This is additionally among the best gymnastics grips you get in the current market. It is of very high quality but still quite affordable. This explains why it’s a top pick by both amateurs and pros. It features integrated wrist covers for extra protection and is suitable for men along with women.

We like the dimension as well as lightweight. They fit well and maintain a firm holds. Moreover, they comprise premium lather and you are more certain of their durability. It’s a good-looking pair, durable, and also doesn’t need lots of upkeep.

  • Made from premium quality
  • Tough and durable
  • Appropriate for various activities
  • Fits well on the hand
  • Good wearability and very flexible

The products are very flexible hence very easy to put on and also take off. It’s made of premium leather hence will handle the operation well. The grips are less likely to tear or rip, and this is due to the tough stitching as well as robust materials.

#1. Mava Sports Cross Training Gloves with Wrist Support

Mava Sports Cross Training Gloves with Wrist Support

By: Mava Sports

This set grip by Mava Sports is excellent for working out, acrobatics, gymnastics, and more. It fits well in the hand and supplies a good firm grip. In addition to boosts the grasp and feels very comfortable. It’s made of leather and neoprene and improves the hold. What’s more, it has nice padding to enhance comfort. You won’t experience any sores, blisters, stress, or injury.

They have excellent absorbency and will handle sweat well. It also has good moisture-wicking and keeps the hands dry. Chances of you slipping from a bar or releasing a weight due to wetness or sweat are unlikely.

  • Improves the grasp and very comfortable
  • Easy and light-weight
  • High-grade leather and longlasting
  • Well made and very flexible
  • Easy to take care of

These are among the very best gymnastics grips in the market. We like the size and also weight which are quite good. Moreover, they offer a good grip and feel very comfortable. They are really adaptable and have excellent coverage. The tough nature handles the use well.


The above is the best gymnastics grips in the market. They are simple but very functional and fit lots of exercises. Moreover, they are really simple and wearing and taking them off is easy. They are excellent for different workouts and suit both men and women. Also, they are tough, resilient, and have impressive breathability. They are of top quality and affordable. Going for the very best gymnastics grips comes with pace-of-mind.

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