The 10 Best Slippers For Plantar Fasciitis — Review In 2021

Wearing the best slippers for plantar fasciitis help reduce foot pains caused by plantar fasciitis. People of different ages can get this ailment that leads to discomfort near the heel. Also, when the sufferer makes a stride, it can get quite painful. That’s why wearing these shoes offer some kind of comfort and relief. And if looking for the right place to wear, we have the best slippers for plantar fasciitis as follows.

#10. Klassy Women’s Slipper, Calf Stretch Sandal, Leg Pain Relief, Plantar Fasciitis Shoes

Klassy Women's Slipper, Calf Stretch Sandal, Leg Pain Relief, Plantar Fasciitis Shoes

By: Klassy

This product has a high-quality construction to keep your feet comfortable. Its ergonomic design features an excellent form than the heel for you to get a stretching feel. Also, wearing and slipping off is super easy for people of all ages. When wearing this unit, it helps activate or improve your lower body muscle movements. Plus, it keeps you balanced to maintain the most appropriate body posture.

With a synthetic sole, it has a fantastic appeal and practicality. Your footing is more centered and stable to minimize any foot pains. What’s more, the angle of the slipper provides a practical purpose for foot fasciitis, Achilles tendon pain, and calf pain. And the soft bottom fits different foot types to alleviate the pressure on the sole. Furthermore, a black style suits most women’s personalities and fashion needs.

  • High quality
  • Simple wear
  • Synthetic sole
  • Black style
  • For women

This women’s slipper has a high-quality construction for maximum comfort. With an ergonomic structure, it improves lower body muscle movements. Also, a soft bottom fits different foot types to alleviate the pressure on the sole.

#9. EVERHEALTH Orthotic Flip Flops Thongs Men’s Sandals

EVERHEALTH Orthotic Flip Flops Thongs Men’s Sandals


Everhealth flip flops are an excellent gift for those with foot pains and other conditions. It is ideal for non-closed toe and holiday activities at the beach, sightseeing, holiday village, trek back, and much more. Besides, the trendy finish suits most men, whether at the lake and other vacation destinations. This footwear is recommended by top podiatrists to help promote excellent foot alignment. What’s more, it comes with built-in orthotics to treat multiple foot problems such as heel pains.

In addition, the Everhealth is among the best slippers for plantar fasciitis with fantastic arch support. That means you can wear them the whole day as you walk, stroll, or exercise your feet. Plus, a biomechanical and ergonomic design helps reduce foot effort when walking. And it allows those with various arch types to use confidently and comfortably. If you have a high arch, medium arch, or flat foot, it fits perfectly.

  • Excellent gift
  • For men
  • Treats multiple foot pains
  • Amazing support
  • For all arch types

These slippers are a great gift choice for men with foot pains. It offers a trendy look to the wearer while promoting excellent support. What’s more, the superior ergonomics allow all-day use free of discomforts.

#8. Vionic Women’s Haven McKenzie Slipper

Vionic Women's Haven McKenzie Slipper

By: Vionic

Vionic is one of the best slippers for plantar fasciitis suitable for women. It has a suede upper for a trendy and easy to maintain performance. What’s more, this material lasts longer than the competitors for maximum durability. With a faux-shearling footbed, you can remove it as needed for more customization. Also, it’s wrapped in superior EVA to enhance comfort and premium support. Note that the rubber outsole won’t tear, crack, or lose its grip when used for long periods.

Make this footwear your favorite and go-to shoe when walking to various places. Priding a soft side scalloped element and delicate stitching, it enhances the appeal. Furthermore, the stitched edges hold the material intact for fantastic service life. Featuring a sturdy podiatrist-styled footbed, this shoe promotes stability in every stride.

  • For women
  • Removable footbed
  • Comfortable
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Delicate stitching

For women, you can wear these slippers to get amazing foot support. It has a suede upper for maximum durability and a trendy look. Besides, the delicate stitching holds the material perfectly to prevent tearing.

#7. SOARFREE Plantar Fasciitis Feet Sandal with Arch Support – Best Orthotic flip.

SOARFREE Plantar Fasciitis Feet Sandal with Arch Support - Best Orthotic flip.


The arch of this sandal is well-constructed to offer proper lateral and medial arch support. It reduces pains and aches, especially for those with plantar fasciitis. Also, it promotes a functional and healthier service as you enjoy natural shock absorption. With a coiled spring, it adds a bouncy effect when you walk for extra comfort and minimize discomfort. This footwear has a generous toe box to let the toes spread out naturally. Plus, the feel mimics that of walking barefoot on the ground for a less stressful and better balance.

Additionally, this unit is among the best slippers for plantar fasciitis that increases footing comfort. Its heel cup caresses your foot to reduce side-to-side motion while supplying optimal stability. Also, this feature centers and aligns your foot to reduce pressures in the arch. As a result, it enhances your body’s natural cushioning as well as bone protection.

  • Medial arch support
  • Natural shock absorption
  • Comfortable footing
  • Better body balance
  • Generous toe box

SOARFREE sandal offers a proper lateral and medial arch support. It will reduce your foot pains and aches, especially for sufferers of plantar fasciitis. Also, the generous toe box ensures you spread the toes naturally.

#6. EVERHEALTH Orthotic Sandal Women Buckle Slide Sandals

EVERHEALTH Orthotic Sandal Women Buckle Slide Sandals


EVERHEALTH is among the best slippers for plantar fasciitis that has a podiatrist-recommended design. With excellent orthotics, you get better pain relief when suffering from plantar fasciitis. Also, the two layers of rubber outsoles offer the foot an extended comfort. They are sturdy and soft without affecting the gripping. You can walk, stride, and exercise your feet while encased in tender support thanks to the EVA foam midsole. What’s more, the biomechanical construction supports the foot to ensure you step with less effort.

Correct poor posture when walking with these sandals. They offer long term use while the double adjustable straps encourage a custom fit. In addition, the flexible upper has a hook-loop closure to let simple adjustments of the tightness. And it can fit different foot types such as wide, high, narrow insteps. Even for pregnant women, these shoes support them when going downstairs.

  • Podiatrist-recommended
  • Excellent orthotics
  • Extended comfort
  • Adjustable upper
  • Encourages better posture

The podiatrist-recommended design of these sandals offers better foot pain relief. It comes with two layers of rubber outsoles for extended comfort. Plus, the adjustable upper with hook-loop closure allows easy tightness adjustments.

#5. LongBay Women’s Furry Memory Foam Diabetic Slippers

LongBay Women's Furry Memory Foam Diabetic Slippers

By: LongBay

The LongBay is among the best slippers for plantar fasciitis that offers excellent cushioning. It has 80D memory foam that pads your every step. Also, this material feels like pillows to soothe foot pains such as plantar fasciitis. The supportive insole of this footwear relaxes the arch for all-day standing and walking.

Moreover, this unit has a rubber sole for excellent traction and stability. It has a wool-like knit upper for softness as the closure offers adjustable comfort. Also, those with tired and swollen feet get a better balance.

  • Excellent cushioning
  • Supportive insole
  • Relaxes foot arch
  • Better stability
  • Premium traction

The Longbay has excellent cushioning for a pillow-like soothing. It has a rubber sole that delivers superior traction at all times.

#4. sotoner Women’s Terry Slip

sotoner Women's Terry Slip

By: isotoner

This best slippers for plantar fasciitis by isotoner is ideal for outdoor/indoor use. It boasts plush micro terry upper for all-around support and comfort. Also, slipping on these slippers is smooth, unlike those that have long strings. With premium memory foam, it supplies you with cushioned support while the rubber sole offers maximum durability and secure footing. In addition, this shoe has a multilayer EVA arch for increased padding for sore and tired feet. And if you suffer from plantar fasciitis and associated pains, this is the right footwear.

The cozy insole can absorb impacts to provide comfort in every stride. Moreover, the sturdy slipper is skid-resistant for extended and stable use. We love the versatile hood back look to let you transition from store to sofa as needed. Plus, it fits most women’s foot and ages to keep them trendy.

  • Outdoor/indoor use
  • Rubber sole
  • Skid-resistant
  • Stable use
  • For women

This isotoner clog shoe is best used for indoors and outdoors. With micro terry upper, your foot gets excellent support. Also, the memory foam insole is cozy, and cushions most impact to leave you with a sore-free footing.

#3. Rockport Women’s Ridge Sling Sandal

Rockport Women's Ridge Sling Sandal

By: Rockport

Rockport is one of the best slippers for plantar fasciitis with a unique sling design. Its structure supports extended wear for different arch and foot styles. Also, it is manmade using premium material for a personalized effect. For the rubber sole, your strides are perfectly balanced to eliminate cases of falling. Plus, it won’t tear, fade, or dull when used for a long time.

What’s more, the anatomical molded EVA footbed is super comfortable and cozy. It ensures those that have foot problems like plantar fasciitis, or sores don’t make the issue more alarming. Also, it has 1 3/8-inch heel height for stability on all types of floors while the microfiber lining keeps your skin relaxed. This footwear has a textile lining and is lightweight for added user convenience.

  • Unique sling design
  • Manmade and durable
  • Rubber sole
  • Microfiber lining
  • Lightweight

The unique sling design of this sandal offers increased elegance. It’s manmade using premium materials such as textile lining for more coziness. Also, the rubber sole keeps your footing stable for an extended time.

#2. OOFOS – Women’s OOlala – Post Exercise Active Sport Recovery Thong Sandal

OOFOS - Women's OOlala - Post Exercise Active Sport Recovery Thong Sandal


The OOFOS are among the best slippers for plantar fasciitis that help you keep things easy. For instance, you can clean them by machine washing to maintain its appealing look. Also, the sole is structured from synthetics for improved traction and stability. You can step onto many surfaces without worrying about slipping and falling. Besides, the ergonomics of this footwear deliver fantastic comfort in a trendy feminine silhouette.

With Recovery Technology, this slipper can absorb more impacts than previous models. As a result, it gives the feet a break when needed to minimize any foot sores. Also, those suffering from heel and arch issues, you can wear this shoe to get optimal support. And the footbed is patented to cradle the arches while reducing stress on ankles, knees, sore feet, and lower back. Furthermore, it is structured to let it natural relief and motion in every stride.

  • Machine washable
  • Better traction
  • Impact absorbent
  • Minimizes foot sores
  • Easy wear

Clean these slippers easily with a washer when removing dirt. It has a trendy feminine look for extra appeal as the outsole keeps your body balanced. What’s more, an ergonomic construction offers natural relief and motion in every footing.

#1. crocs Women’s Swiftwater Sandal Slide

crocs Women's Swiftwater Sandal Slide

By: Crocs

This lightweight sandal has a sporty and adventurous look. Women of all ages can wear it to get exceptional functionality and comfort. Also, the minimalist style ensures your movements are swift and comfortable, even for those with foot pains. Featuring a water-friendly built, this shoe channels water away smoothly. Also, if you’re near a water body, the splashes, mist, or sprays won’t affect your footing stability.

Furthermore, the iconic comfort this footwear delivers surpasses the rest. You can use it for date night, lakeside, pool, and other environments. Plus, the flexible style is structured from Croslite fabric for softness and tenderness. And the straps allow a quick slip on/off as needed while the gladiator appearance brings out a fun element. When hanging out with pals or chilling with the family, you get improved stability. Furthermore, this unit has flex grooves on the durable outsoles to increase traction.

  • Lightweight
  • For women
  • Adventurous look
  • Water-friendly
  • Increase traction

This lightweight sandal is comfortable while offering a bold and sporty look. It is perfect for women who prefer a minimalist look when out and about. Plus, the flex grooves help increase traction in every stride.

To Conclude:

The best slippers for plantar fasciitis can relax your foot arch as it gives you extra comfort. Also, those with foot pains and sores can wear them to get reduced discomforts. Remember, the best slippers for plantar fasciitis are designed for all ages.

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