Top 7 Best Pool Heat Pumps You Should Own

The best pool heat pumps could be quite daunting to find sometimes, and that is why this review is here. We searched and found  high quality pool heat pumps with quality and performance that you can trust. Feel free to take a look and see if any of them matches with your interest, each option is great.

#7. Swimming Pool Heat Pump With Quiet Operation

Swimming Pool Heat Pump With Quiet Operation

By: Aqua Cal

The quiet operation of this pool pump makes it one great option that you should take into consideration. It helps to heat up your pool without making any loud noise that bothers you at all. At the same time, this pool heat pump works very efficiently while saving the cost for you. That way, you will be able to achieve both comfort and quality without having to spend too much. In fact, it uses very small amount of energy as it transfer free heat from the air to the pool.

Another awesome thing is that you can easily select the speed for this pool heat pump to work. When it works faster, its quality is also better as well to ensure satisfaction for you every time. Not to mention that you can set it to heat, cool, or works automatically, this option is one of the best. As for its durability, it is rust and fade proof as well as impact resistant. That makes this pool heat pump tough enough to last for years of performance. Great quality and performance, this is one of the best pool heat pumps that you might want to have.

In Summary
  • Powerful and energy efficient
  • Impervious to chemical corrosion
  • Durable, heavy duty, and long lasting performance
  • Digital LED display for easy and convenient control

#6. Weatherproof Pool Heat Pump 112,000 BTU

Weatherproof Pool Heat Pump 112,000 BTU

By: Puri Tech

Here you are looking at a very powerful and durable pool heat pump that is ideal for daily and commercial use. With its power of up to 112,000 BTU, it is great you to use with large pools up to 28,000 gallons. You can easily use this unit to control the heat of the pool or spa despite the temperature outside. That is super convenient and simple, and it also helps to save the cost on the energy as well. Along with that, the performance of the pump itself is quiet which is simply great.

On top of that, this pool heat pump is super durable. It features the construction from 100% commercial grade titanium to ensure long lasting durability for years of use. Along with that, it features the weatherproof cabinet that allows you to install outdoor. No matter how hot or cold the temperature can get, it will not do any damage to this unit at all. Plus with the classic design, it makes a great compliment pretty much anywhere. From both quality and durability, this pool heat pump has them all for you. Let’s take a look and see if this is the option that you like.

In Summary
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Powerful yet quiet operation
  • Nice control panel for easy operation
  • Durable and weatherproof construction

#5. Tropical Pool T90 Heat Pump 96,000 BTU

Tropical Pool T90 Heat Pump 96,000 BTU

By: Aqua Cal

This is a 2020 model of high quality and latest design pool heat pump that you might like. The awesome thing about this option is that it features the PoolSync Ready function. That allows it to be ready to cool and heat your pool with great performance and quality every time. On top of that, it comes with the high performance heat exchanger to ensure the best heating and cooling possible.

The best part is that the latest design allows you to connect this pool heat pump with your smart devices. It comes with Wi-Fi controller and app that provides simple and easy connection for convenient control. That allows you to control the pump’s settings right from your smartphones or tablets. How easy and advance is that, right? Not to mention that it works under all weather conditions even at the coldest or the hottest, you will love it.

In Summary
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Effectively cools and heats the pool
  • Durable and high quality performance
  • Easy control and operation using WiFi and app

#4. Swimming Pool Heat Pump 20,000 BTU

Swimming Pool Heat Pump 20,000 BTU

By: FibroPool

If your pools are in coastal climates, then this is the perfect pool heat pump for you. It comes with powerful operation of up to 20,000 BTU per hour to ensure the best performance possible every time. With such power, you can use it with pools or hot tubs with capacity of up to 7500 gallons. Another great thing is that this pool heat pump is very easy to install which is time saving for you. All you need is an hour or less, and the installation process is not to complicated at all.

Another thing that we like about this pool heat pump is its solid and sturdy build. With this construction, you can trust that it is durable enough to last for long term use. You can use it for small above ground pools and spas of any size which is so convenient. There are heat and cool modes tat you can control, and its performance is absolutely incredible. It might take a while to initiate heating, but the results are super great once the heating process begins. Good price with great quality, this is one of the best pool heat pumps whose quality will not let you down.

In Summary
  • Low noise operation
  • Convenient installation process
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Powerful and efficient operation
  • Ideal for both pools, spas, and hot tubs

#3. Above Ground Swimming Pool Heat Pump 20,000 BTU

Above Ground Swimming Pool Heat Pump 20,000 BTU

By: FibroPool

For those who are looking for the best heat pumps for above ground swimming pool, you are in the right place. This pool heat pump right is perfect for that, and you will absolutely love its performance. It is powerful enough to heat up an above ground pool with the size of 18 feet. No matter if your pool is oval or round, this pool heat pump works great with them all. In case you like it but you have an inground pool, it is also okay. As long as your inground pool has around 7,500 gallons of water, this heat pump can still heat it.

Apart from the great performance, this pool heat pump is also very durable for long term use. It features the construction from all metal case with enamel coating to ensure long lasting quality. Not to mention that its slim profile that makes it compact, this pool heat pump is so nice to have. You can also easily install this pool heat pump since it all it takes is about 30 minutes. It comes with a long cord that runs on a standard 3 prong, so let’s see if it matches.

In Summary
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Powerful and energy sufficient
  • Durable and rugged construction
  • Long power cord with flexible hose
  • Digital panels for convenient and quick controls

#2. Pool Heat Pump With Acoustic Compressor Cover 90,000 BTU

Pool Heat Pump With Acoustic Compressor Cover 90,000 BTU

By: Hayward

You probably what does the acoustic compressor do, and it is actually very useful. The combination of this cover with the profiled fan blade makes this heat pump operates quietly along with efficient performance. That way, you can always trust that you will always receive the best every single time you use this unit. On top of that, it features the titanium heat exchanger to deliver maximum heat transfer. This is to ensure the reliable and efficient performance that you can always trust.

Just like the rest of the best pool heat pumps in the list, this one is super durable also. It features the construction from UV resistant body panels that is rust and deterioration resistant. That is to prolong the life of the unit while delivering powerful heating every time for you. It is very easy and simple to install, and it also comes with stainless steel hardware as well. This unit looks great and works great, and it is durable enough to last for long term use. Don’t forget to check it out and see if this is the pool heat pump that you like.

In Summary
  • Compact and solid design
  • Corrosion resistant and rust resistant
  • Durable and UV resistant body construction
  • Powerful air flow with quiet operation blades

#1. Swimming Pool Heater Pump With Solar System

Swimming Pool Heater Pump With Solar System

By: SmartPool

Why pay for the energy bill when you can use solar energy your pool? We are talking about the high quality pool heat pump that is powered by solar power right here. This option comes with 80 square feet of solar panels that is enough to power the pump for convenient heating. It can easily keep your pool warm with its polypropylene heat collector via direct flow system. At the same time, it also helps to raise the temperature of the pool fast as well which is great. This pool heat pump is easy to install, and its performance is efficient along with quiet operation. Many users find it nice and convenient to use, let’s take a look and see if you like it too.

In Summary
  • Convenient and easy installation
  • Durable polypropylene heating panels
  • Efficient and fast pool heating performance
  • Long lasting quality and durability construction


It is not easy to purchase the best pool heat pumps. Their price is quite high, and spending on the wrong unit is going to be a big mistake. We hope that the options that provide above are useful for you. Since we picked them based on their durability and performance, we are positive that they are great for you.

Pool Heat Pump Buyer’s Guide

We all know that pool heat pumps are very useful when it comes to keeping the pools warm in cold weather. It is like a reverse air conditioner, and here we have some tips if you are looking to buy one. Feel free to check out our buyer’s guide below, and you will be able to purchase the right one in no time.

Energy Consumption

The best pool heat pumps should be able to heat your pools while offering low energy consumption. That way, you will be able to get a warm pool to swim in without make it rain on the bill. Not every pool heat pump out there offers such function, and that is why you should not overlook this point. We actually have some options in our list that offers powerful heating with efficient energy consumption, so check them out.


Easy and convenient operation is what should look for in pool heat pumps. Complication never makes things easy, so don’t forget that. You should go for the options with digital or LED panels so that you can easily control the heat pump. Most of the options in our review on pool heat pumps actually includes them, so don’t forget to take a look.


You have to make sure that the pool heat pump that you choose is powerful enough for your pools. That depends on the size and the gallon amount of water in the pool. Always measure your pool if you want to ensure the best performance from the pool heat pumps that you choose. That way, you know that you will not make a wrong pick of the heat pumps for your pools.


Size is also important when it comes to choosing the right pool heat pumps. That is because this unit comes with various size options to suit with different users’ needs. There are the compact ones, and the larger ones are also available as well. The key is to choose the one that fits into the space that you prepare for it. Most pool heat pumps are already powerful, even the compact ones. So it is not a problem if you have tight space but want the powerful pool heat pumps.

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