Top 7 Best Portable Electric Stoves Of All Time

When you are having fun with your friends at an outdoor party, the best portable electric stove prepares food quickly. It has a compact shape, especially for the single burner designs for an easy carry. Also, some have multiple temperature levels to suit different cooking needs. This item uses minimal space, making it ideal for dorm rooms, RVs, small kitchens, and other confined spacing. The following article has the best portable electric stoves available online.

#7. IMUSA USA GAU-80305 Electric Single Burner 1100-Watts

IMUSA USA GAU-80305 Electric Single Burner 1100-Watts

By: Imusa

You can use this best portable electric stove by Imusa at home, in the office, or outdoors. It has a compact and lightweight structure to allow easy carrying to preferred locations. Plus, the low profile occupies minimal placement space on a kitchen countertop, table, and more areas. Boasting a timeless and easy-to-clean black finish, you can enjoy simple maintenance. Not only that, but also the color complements most outdoor and indoor decor for added appeal.

This unit comes with a convenient knob for you to regulate the temperature. It ensures the coils provide even heat distribution to suit various applications for a variety of foods. Now you can grill cheese, boil water, blanch veggies, and cook porridge with ease. Another function that stands out is the non-slip feet that prevent sliding during operation. They are constructed from rubber which has excellent wear-resistance. Moreover, you can read the simple manual to get more operational information.

  • Slim profile
  • Easy carrying
  • Secure feet
  • Temperature-regulating knob
  • Attractive design

This electric burner has a slim profile suitable for home or outside use. You can carry it to the office, campsite and other places with maximum ease. Also, its black finish is easy to clean and maintain. The convenient knob lets you regulate the temperature when preparing different types of food. Besides, the stable legs are made from longlasting rubber to prevent sliding.

#6. Maxi-Matic ESB-301BF Single Electric Flat Cast Iron Heating Plate

Maxi-Matic ESB-301BF Single Electric Flat Cast Iron Heating Plate

By: Maxi-Matic

What makes the Maxi-Matic among the best portable electric stoves is the cool-touch base. It prevents any burning incidences when carrying your unit to another location. Also, the adjustable temperature control comes in handy to allow versatile use. Simply pick the medium, low, off, or high setting to suit your cooking needs. In case you are preparing soft meals like veggies, go for the small to medium option. Moreover, this gadget uses up to 1000 watts of power for quicker and efficient cooking. You can now use lesser time, unlike the other traditional units for better time-saving.

We love the cast-iron heating plate that can accommodate different pot and pan sizes. Not only that but also the metal will not rust for you to enjoy easy cleaning. Note that it is flat for better heat dissipation as well as heating for even cooking. What’s more, the non-skid legs are made from longlasting rubber for stability and durability. You can enjoy superior control when mixing or turning different types of foods. This accessory’s power indicator light lets you know when the unit is on.

  • Cool-touch base
  • 1000w power
  • Durable cast-iron plate
  • Stable feet
  • Time-saving and reliable

You can enjoy a burn-free and safe cooking thanks to the cool-touch base of this stove. It comes with adjustable temperature control that lets you pick the low, medium ad high setting for added convenience. Also, 100-watt technology quickly heats food to minimize your cooking time. With rubber feet, they offer maximum stability during operation.

#5. Cusimax Portable Electric Stove, 1800W Infrared Double Burner Heat-up In Seconds

Cusimax Portable Electric Stove, 1800W Infrared Double Burner Heat-up In Seconds


This electric stove gives you maximum convenience thanks to its high cookware compatibility. You can use it with glass and copper frying pan, aluminum and cast-iron pots for smooth operation. Not only that, but also the cooking plate provides even heating without losing too much heat to quicken the food preparation process. The Cusimax heats up in seconds, unlike the traditional designs that take minutes. Plus, the infrared burners are powered by 900 watts for each plate that total up to 1800 watts, now, cooking different food types is more comfortable as you make soup, broth, grilled cheese, and much more.

Additionally, this item has a small frame for easy usage and portability. Carry it to your dorm room, campsite, office, RV, and other confined spaces. After use, wipe the surfaces with a clean cloth to remove any food drippings and dirt. Besides, this equipment is safer than the others as it does not produce any radiation. You can cook in a room full of kids, the elderly, and even pets knowing with added confidence. Plus, the automatic safety shutoff with a thermostat prevents any heat damage.

  • Compatible with most cookware
  • Provides consistent heating
  • Heat-up in seconds
  • Compact and portable
  • For home and outdoor use

If you want the best portable electric stove with excellent cookware compatibility, Cusimax is an ideal option. You can use a glass and copper frying pan to make tasty dishes. Also, the cooking plate provides consistent heat for even cooking. This item is compact and lightweight to support effortless portability. Whether at home or on a camping ground, usage is a breeze.

#4. Cuisinart CB-60P1 Cast-Iron Double Burner

Cuisinart CB-60P1 Cast-Iron Double Burner

By: Cuisinart

Another best portable electric stove we have in our list is by the Cuisinart that provides maximum stability. Featuring anti-slip feet, you do not have to worry about movements when cooking. At the same time, you’ll enjoy superior control even when making soups and other dishes. Besides, this item comes with two cast-iron plates for longevity and uniform heating. Each measures 15.25 inches tall x 22.5 inches wide x 5.75 inches long for added convenience. To enjoy quick heat retention and heat-up, the secondary burner uses 500W while the primary utilizes 1300 watts.

What’s more, this product is perfect for outdoor or confined locations, thanks to its small profile. You can carry it from and to desired areas with maximum comfort. Also, it has two separate temperature controls that total to six for added flexibility. Choose a temp setting that suits your cooking needs, whether for soft or tough meals. Furthermore, style and functionality are provided with a lovely silver finish. It brightens up any cooking area such as the kitchen, dorm room, and more locations.

  • Stable feet
  • Even heating
  • Lovely silver finish
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to use

The Cuisinart double burner is a stable cooking gadget thanks to the anti-slip feet. You can enjoy a secure and even cooking because of the cast-iron plates. Also, the secondary burner uses up to 500W of power for consistent heating. This gadget has 5 temperature levels from the lowest to the highest to suit various cooking needs. Plus, its stylish silver finish improves the cooking area’s appearance.

#3. Cusimax Hot Plate Portable Electric Stove Countertop Single Burner 1500W

Cusimax Hot Plate Portable Electric Stove Countertop Single Burner 1500W


What makes the Cusimax among the best portable electric stoves is its multipurpose application. It’s compact enough to be used for camping, parties, dorm rooms, boats, RVs, offices, and more places. Besides, it occupies little space when carrying to an outdoor location for easy portability. This unit uses seven heat levels that are thermostatically controlled for even cooking. You can pick the setting that lets you cook scrambled eggs, warm sauces, grill cheese, and blanch veggies. What’s more, you can keep food warm when you use it as an additional burner.

Equipped with a 7.4″ heating plate, this item is compatible with pans and pots up to 7.1 inches. Not only that, but also you can use it with most cookware such as copper pans, aluminum pans, non-magnetic pans, and even cast-iron frying pots. An added advantage it offers over the other models is that it will not emit harmful radiation during operation. This accessory has a black stainless steel body you can wipe when cool with a clean cloth. Plus, secure feet keep it steady when you are cooking your foods.

  • Compact
  • For camping trips
  • Multiple heat levels
  • Wide heating plate
  • Secure and stable feet

This is a compact electric stove suitable for indoor and outdoor places such as dorm rooms. You can carry it on a camping trip to make the adventure more comfortable. Plus, the seven heat levels let you cook scrambled eggs, warm sauces, grill cheese, and blanch veggies. The heating plate measures 7.4 inches to accommodate and pots with a 7.1″ size and below.

#2. SUNAVO Hot Plates for Cooking, 1500W Electric Single Burner with Handles

SUNAVO Hot Plates for Cooking, 1500W Electric Single Burner with Handles

By: sunavo

This best portable electric stove uses up to 1500 watts of power to quicken the cooking process. Also, you can pick one of the 6 temperature levels to meet all your meal preparation needs. The plate heats up and provides even temperature for you to boil water, soups, cook steaks, pasta, and more foods. What’s more, its ergonomic design is compatible with all flat cookware, including ceramic, glass, stainless steel, aluminum, frying pan, and also stone pan. You don’t have to purchase specific cookware making this supper convenient and reliable.

The heating tube technology comes in handy to provide a stable heating surface. Also, it will not stain or rust even after numerous food spills. This mechanism ensures you use less energy than the traditional ones hence a longer lifespan and shorter cooking period. Besides, you can move this accessory from one location to the next using the secure handles. Now, you can host a party, camping trip, and other events like a pro. Note that it has passed the RoHS, CE, and ETL certification for added safety and durability.

  • Quick and consistent heating
  • 6 temperature levels
  • Compatible with all flat cookware
  • Stain-proof heating tube technology
  • Secure carry handles

The Sunavo is a 1500-watt cooktop that quickens your cooking process. Its 6 temperature levels let you select one that meets your meal preparation needs. Not only that but also the plate is compatible with all flat cookware, including ceramic and glass. This unit has a heating tube technology that provides stable heating.

#1. Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop, Countertop Burner Induction Hot Plate with LCD Sensor Touch

Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop, Countertop Burner Induction Hot Plate with LCD Sensor Touch

By: duxtop

Duxtop is a leader in most cooking gadgets, including this best portable electric stove. It uses the 110/120V electrical outlet to fit most standard plugs. Not only that but also it is lightweight for easy carry to trips such as camping. This item is compact for you to enjoy comfortable handling, whether outdoors or at home. Moreover, the small profile is ideal for RV, boats, dorm rooms, kitchen, and more places. With 20 preset power settings, pick one between 100 watts to 1800 watts to meet your cooking needs. Plus, the temperature starts from 100°F up to 460°F, ideal for different foods.

In addition, this item has 83% energy efficiency making it better than the traditional designs like gas or electrical ones. It boils water, soup, and other liquids quickly to speed up meal preparation time. Moreover, you can prevent any changes in the timer or cooking settings by using the child safety lock. This improves security during cooking even when children around. Plus, the touch control panel lets you press a variety of buttons such as keep warm or fast boil comfortably.

  • Portable
  • Compact and safe
  • Multiple power levels
  • Heats up fast
  • Child safety lock

If you have a wall outlet that used 110/120V power plug, this cooktop is compatible. It makes the powering process more easy to prevent buying additional accessories. Also, the small frame of this item encourages easy to use, carry, and storage. Select one of the 20 power settings between 100 watts to 1800 watts to suit your cooking needs.

To Conclude:

Invest in one of the best portable electric stoves above to enjoy a simple use. They heat-up fast to save wait-up time and also provide even heating. Others have a cast-iron plate for consistent heat as well as durability. You can get one with a low profile, which uses minimal placement space suitable for RVs, dorms, and more areas. Remember, the best portable electric stove can be lightweight and high-performing at the same time.

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