The 6 Best Smartwatches for Kids You Should Own

In this read, we will review the best smartwatches for kids. Like adults, children want to stay in touch with the latest developments. And this is why they will ask for a smartwatch. And while it may be for a kid, it stills needs to be functional and not just a toy. To meet the ever-growing demand, manufacturers keep releasing newer and better products. In fact, there are so many options out there that can easily overwhelm you.

Nonetheless, not all products will prove reliable. It may have few features; it may not work right, or may not be colorful or as flashy as kids love em. Also, it needs to be tough and durable since kids can be a little careless or rough when handling the unit. One of the biggest challenges is unearthing a good piece from the so many that are readily available. And with poor information or a lack of knowledge, it’s very easy to make a mistake. The following are among the best smartwatches for kids in 2021:

#6. Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker – Waterproof GPS Tracker Watch for Children

Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker - Waterproof GPS Tracker Watch for Children

By: Karaforna

This smartwatch will appeal to the young one. It’s very vibrant and comes in a warm pink color. The watch is suitable for both boys as well as girls. What’s more, it has very flexible silicone straps and this makes wearing it as well as removal easy. It also doesn’t leave scratches or marks and also doesn’t encourage a sweaty patch. We love its lightweight that makes wearing it for long sessions quite convenient. Other than the nice looks, it also has a range of intelligent features. This helps to monitor and keep in touch with the child.

You’ll find a very responsive touch screen to allow the child to pick the different functions. Also, it supports Two-way calling. You’ll be able to talk to the little one quite easily. We love the SOS emergency alarm as well as the built-in camera. The smartwatch has a GPS location tracer; hence you’ll always know where your child is. And to keep him or she entertained, it has some nice and educative math games. And in case you worry about what your child is accessing, you have parental control to give you peace of mind.

  • Very functional and many smart features
  • Good style and suitable for both boys and girls
  • Easy to wear and also takeoff
  • Lightweight and also very flexible
  • Promotes child safety

This is a nice smartwatch that suits any child. It also has many smart features and is also pretty easy to use. We love intelligent nature as well as the responsible touchscreen. And thanks to the flexible straps and lightweight, the child will adorn it for long periods with no problems.

#5. Kid Smart Watch Phone, GPS/LBS Waterproof Smartwatch HD Touch Screen SOS Call

Kid Smart Watch Phone, GPS-LBS Waterproof Smartwatch HD Touch Screen SOS Call

By: Lsflair

Next up in the best smartwatch for kids review is this unit by Lsflair. Its ideal for Kids of different ages and both boys and girls can adorn it. It’s pretty good looking thanks to the pink color as well as the trendy styling. Also, the unit feels quite cozy on the hands courtesy of the smooth texture. It also has very flexible silicone straps that firmly harness it around the wrist. Nonetheless, they don’t feel rough or make the areas sweaty or sticky. We also love the lightweight as well as the slim profile. This proves handy in regards to convenience and portability. It’s amongst the smartest options that you will find in the market.

You get very accurate GPS positioning as well as two-way call support. Therefore, you can always monitor the whereabouts of the child. He/ she can also enjoy taking pictures via the built-in camera. And in case of loss, you can track it via the anti-lost feature. It also supports IOS and Android apps and devices and this makes customization much easier. And for fun, the smartwatch comes with a math game. Like most popular options, it also has parental controls.

  • Slim profile and compact
  • Very flexible, lightweight and easy to wear and remove
  • Made of sturdy but safe materials
  • Fits nicely on the wrist and also comfortable
  • Many smart features and child-friendly

This watch will appeal to any youngster. It’s good-looking and also quite cool. Besides, it has a broad range of features. This improves its usefulness as well as the child’s safety. We like the slim profile and lightweight too. Also, it has a cozy finish and contains no harmful compounds.

#4. Ralehong Smart Watch for Kids with 7 Puzzle Games Music Camera Two-Way Call SOS

Ralehong Smart Watch for Kids with 7 Puzzle Games Music Camera Two-Way Call SOS

By: Ralehong

Ralehong piece is also one of the best smartwatch for kids. It’s perfect for youngsters of various ages and suitable for any gender. It’s pretty good looking and also feels comfortable on the hands. This is owing to the smooth structure and lightweight. It additionally has flexible and safe silicone bands that securely harness it around the wrist. Nevertheless, they don’t really feel rough, sweaty, or sticky. We also like the lightweight in addition to the slim nature since it boosts wearability and convenience.

It has 10 key features that make it among the most reliable options out there. These include Camera, Games, SOS, Music player, Phone, Calculator, Alarm Clock, Voice Recorder, and Photo album. Besides, it also supports learning and has 7 builtin in learning games. And for easy access and vying of the different features, it comes with a 1.54-inch color screen. Also, it’s very clear and vibrant. The unit is compatible with IOS as well as Android devices and gadgets. Also, you can easily personalize the functions.

  • Small and also, compact
  • Lightweight and good wearability
  • Constructed from strong and durable products
  • Fits nicely and cozily on the wrist
  • Many smart attributes
  • Child-friendly and no toxic compounds

This smartwatch looks pretty cool and will appeal to any youngster. It’s also very flexible for easy adornment and has a smooth nonscratchy finish. Besides, it’s made of safe compounds to keep the child safe. Also, we love the colorful and responsive touchscreen.

#3. Kids Game Smart Watch Phone – 1.54” Touch Screen Game Smartwatches

Kids Game Smart Watch Phone - 1.54” Touch Screen Game Smartwatches

By: Karaforna

This smartwatch is really vivid and has a nice color and look. It’s appropriate for both boys as well as girls aged from 4 to 10 years. What’s more, it has extremely flexible silicone bands and this makes adorning it along with removal very easy. It additionally does not leave scrapes or marks and keeps the skin free of awe at or stickiness. We like its lightweight that makes wearing it for lengthy sessions fairly hassle-free. Apart from the nice appearances, it likewise has a range of smart functions. These include a touch-sensitive 1.54-inch screen, two-way call, compatibility with MP3 player, and fitness tracking, among other features.

You’ll have the ability to talk to the youngster rather easily thanks to the reliable two-call function. Also, it has an SOS emergency for quick access to the child. The builtin video camera allows the child to take pictures, videos as well as selfies. And thanks to the GPS locator you’ll constantly identify where your child is. It also comes with a 1 GB me moray capacity to store the videos, images and much more,

  • Very practical and also many features
  • Excellent design and easy to use
  • Suitable for boys as well as girls
  • Easy to put on as well as takeoff
  • Lightweight and cozy on the hand

This is one of the best smartwatch for kids. It has numerous functions and also is quite easy to use. We love the smart nature along with the vibrant and touch-sensitive touchscreen. The straps are super flexible and contribute to the watch’s overall lightweight.

#2. Kids Smart Watch Music Player with SD Card HD Touch Screen Sports Smartwatch Games

Kids Smart Watch Music Player with SD Card HD Touch Screen Sports Smartwatch Games


This is amongst the best smartwatch for kids. The elegant looking item that suits both girls as well as boys. It consists of secure materials that will not have any type of damaging effects on the wearer. Also, the robust unit is more forgiving of bangs, abrasion, friction, vibration, and also falls in contrast to other options. It’s extremely light in weight and therefore the youngster won’t have any challenge wearing it for long periods. And thanks to the long-lasting, rechargeable battery, it doesn’t need frequent charging.

The Camera Recorder does an amazing take of capturing selfies, pictures as well as videos. Also, you’ll appreciate the music player that delivers good tunes as well as the alarm clock. Besides, it comes with a digital clock as well as an alarm clock. The unit has a long-lasting battery and can handle up to 1 GB of storage without any issues. It also supports external storage of up to 32GB. And for some fun, the smartwatch includes 7 puzzle games. These include Crawl 2048, Bee war, Basketball Shoot Master, Pinball Hit Bricks, and Car Grab Goods, among others. It also supports 2-way call communication as well as SOS Emergency Call.

  • Wonderful looking as well as colorful watch
  • Easy to use and nice audio
  • Good entertainment and learning
  • Lightweight and also easy operation
  • Safe and non-toxic construction
  • Great tracking and precision

This is a good smartwatch that your youngster will appreciate. It looks very stylish and is also lightweight. This makes handling it more convenient. Besides, the straps are absolutely lightweight and very flexible. We also like the numerous features as well as the simple operation and precision.

#1. Kids Smart Watch for Boys Girls – HD Touch Screen Sports Smartwatch Phone

Kids Smart Watch for Boys Girls - HD Touch Screen Sports Smartwatch Phone

By: MeritSoar

Coming in black color, this smartwatch will look wonderful on young kids as well as teenagers. It’s extremely reliable as well as also accurate. Furthermore, it’s simple to use and also lightweight. It features a decent battery that maintains the charge for a long period. Thereby, the user will not worry a lot about it dying out on him or her. The watch handles sweat, splashes, and spills well. It also has an easy-to-adjust wrist strap hence fits perfectly on the wrist. The watch comes with a nice looking HD Touchscreen. It also looks very sporty.

Like most other options, it has a range of features and functions. These include the Recorder, MP3 player, Alarm, Calculator, as well as Funny games. Also, it has an internal storage of 1GB but also supports more capacity in the external storage option. It supports the most common languages, which include English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian. The accessory work with most gadgets and devices as well as iOS and Android. The tough nature endures bangs, abrasion, the elements, and much more.

  • Wonderful looking and reliable
  • Easy to wear as well as take-off
  • Looks great on both boys and girls
  • Excellent smart features and very precise
  • Smooth and cozy finish

With this smartwatch, your kid will have a wonderful experience. He /she will enjoy good communication, listening to music, taking selfies and pictures, and much more. It’s very easy to use and also quite precise. The piece has a good dimension and weight hence easy on the little wrists.


There you have it – the best smartwatches for kids. Finding a good choice for your daughter, son, niece, nephew, grandchild, student, or any other shouldn’t be hard. Simply go through the above review list and then make a choice. One sure thing is that all the above pieces score highly in the key areas. These include intelligence, reliability, weight, durability, kid-friendliness, quality, and affordability. Therefore, you’ll have minimal issues using them. What’s more, they look trendy, versatile, and work okay with users of different ages. And by going through the best smartwatches for kids review, you’ll save time, money as well as effort.

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