Top 7 Best Kids Backpacks — Product Reviews

The best kids backpacks should give your young one a comfortable and durable service. Typically, the designs have multiple pockets and the main compartment to let you organized school supplies more efficiently. Also, some have cute patterns and vibrant colors for added appeal. Children can store their daily essentials like a lunch bag, snacks, books, tablets, and more stuff safe the whole day. If you want a bag that lasts long and is easy to use, you’re in the right place. In this article, we have the best kids backpacks in 2021.

#7. JiaYou Boy 20L Fashion School Bag Backpack

JiaYou Boy 20L Fashion School Bag Backpack

By: JiaYou

If you want the best kids backpack set with a spacious interior, stop searching. The JiaYou company has designed this school bag suitable for the young ones to carry everyday essentials. With a dimension of 11.81 inches wide x 5.9 inches in diameter x 17.71 inches high, the backpack holds many valuables. Not only that, but also the one shoulder bag is 9 “W x 2.36” D x 7.87 “H to secure your kid’s school essentials. Moreover, the pencil bag is .75″ x 7.87” for added user convenience. This best kids backpack lets you pick a style that suits your kid’s personality from the two choices.

Also, a USB charging port makes this backpack more advanced than the other school bags. Simply use the cable and connect your device like a smartphone without taking out the power bank. Furthermore, the graffiti finish has stylish patterns for added appeal in most areas like schools and parks. This carry-on comes with a large compartment that fits a 14-inch laptop perfectly. The pencil case holds writing utensils like crayons, colored pencils, and other essentials. When carrying at night, this bag’s Florescent Mark finish glows in the dark.

  • Spacious
  • Glows in the dark
  • USB charging port
  • Pencil case
  • Easy to use

This is a large backpack set that accommodates everyday school essentials. The bag measures 11.81 inches wide x 5.9 inches in diameter x 17.71 inches high and holds many valuables. Also, a charging port lets you connect a USB cable from the inside without removing the power bank out from the bag. This item’s Florescent Mark finish glows in the dark.

#6. Vbiger School Backpack for Girls Boys for Middle School Cute Bookbag Outdoor Daypack

Vbiger School Backpack for Girls Boys for Middle School Cute Bookbag Outdoor Daypack


This is a unisex backpack for your boy or girl to carry school supplies. It works best for those in middle school thanks to its cute and modern finish. Also, it is made from premium nylon, which has high water resistance and tears resistance properties. Not only that but also, this material is screech-resistant to ensure longlasting use. As a result, your little one’s belongings stay dry and safe even on rainy days. We take note of the ergonomic bearing system with two mesh shoulder straps and a back panel to improve carrying comfort. The structure fits your kid’s spine curve in the right gap to relive pressures and fatigue. It radiates heat for the ultimate breathability and simple use.

Thanks to the stylish finish, this best kids backpack is perfect for indoors and outdoors. It can be used for school, shopping, travel, hiking, stroll, and camping. What’s more, its 18.2 inches long x 11.8 inches wide x 4.8 inches high dimensions accommodate multiple stuff. The large compartment has double zippers and versatile pockets to hold a folding umbrella, notebooks, stationery, and water bottle.

  • For middle schoolers
  • Tear-resistant material
  • Cute design
  • For indoors/outdoors
  • Comfortable carrying

The VBIGER is among the best kids backpacks suitable for middle school girls and boys. Made from nylon, it will not tear, scratch, or damage like the rest. At the same time, the fabric is waterproof to keep stored items dry and secure. This bag comes with multiple pockets for holding a folding umbrella, notebooks, stationery, and water bottle.

#5. Mountaintop Kids School Backpack

Mountaintop Kids School Backpack


This backpack is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners from 4-10 years old. The YKK zippers allow smooth opening and closing when accessing stored items. Measuring 15 inches long x 11.4 inches wide x 5.9 inches high, it does not use a large placement space. Not only that, but also the multiple pockets hold snacks, water bottles, and toys secure for an extended time. This unit’s soft front loop features an adjustable toggle for lightweight items or jacket.

An added advantage is the S-shape shoulder straps that have excellent padding and premium mesh. They provide a cushioned comfort and good air circulation to your little one’s shoulders. Your child can write down a message or number on the convenient name tag. What’s more, the use of water-resistant polyester keeps belongings dry and safe. It prevents water penetration during rainy days or light showers. The wet laundry slot and main compartment let you separate and organize smelly clothes and damp laundry.

  • For 4-10-year-olds
  • Smooth YKK zippers
  • Adjustable toggle
  • Comfortable carrying
  • Water-resistant polyester

Mountaintop backpack is ideal for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners from 4-10 years old. It has premium and smooth YKK zippers for soft opening and closing. Also, the adjustable toggle at the front loop holds a jacket securely. This item’s shoulder straps are comfortable and improve carrying. You can separate damp clothes and smelly laundry using the wet compartment.

#4. Under Armour Scrimmage Backpack 2.0

Under Armour Scrimmage Backpack 2.0

By: Under Armour

What comes to mind when you see the Under Armour logo on a product? Is it quality, style, or reliability? Your child can enjoy all these benefits with this scrimmage backpack with advanced features. For instance, the use of UA Storm technology offers an excellent element-battling for more durability. Not only that but also the water-resistant finish keeps your little one dry in wet weather situations. The shoulder straps are made from premium material to prevent the fabric from digging into the skin.

This luggage comes with HeatGear shoulder straps that let you adjust to the right fit. Besides, the fabric is super-breathable that regulates body temperature and wicks sweat. As a result, your child will feel more relaxed, lighter, and drier than with the other brands. We love the laptop sleeve with a soft lining to hold a 15-inch laptop like a MacBook Pro securely. Additionally, the front pocket with a quick-stash front slot and two zip-shut primary compartments improve storage organization. Note that the two pockets are water-repellent to keep stuff dry and safe.

  • Quality and reliable design
  • Element-battling technology
  • Water-resistant
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Multiple pockets

Under Armour backpack provides quality, stylish, and reliable service. It has a UA Storm technology that offers an excellent element-battling for more durability. Also, the water-resistant finish keeps your little one dry in wet weather situations. This bag’s HeatGear shoulder straps are breathable to regulate body temperature and wicks sweat.

#3. Preschool Backpack,Vaschy Little Kid Backpacks for Boys and Girls with Chest Strap

Preschool Backpack,Vaschy Little Kid Backpacks for Boys and Girls with Chest Strap


The VASCHY backpack is a suitable gift to surprise the little one from 4-6 years old. It can be used by both girls and boys, thanks to the variety of color choices. Besides, its unique design with vibrant tones brings out a child-like sense in any setting. Measuring 11 inches wide x 4.3 inches in diameter x 14.6 inches high, it only weighs 0.77 pounds. For the side pouches, they measure 4.3 inches wide x 5.5 inches tall to hold up to 11.5-liter capacity. Also, this item’s inner divider can accommodate activity books, A4 tablet, and other valuables.

You can keep your little one’s two books, water bottles, and lunch bags safely with this unit. It comes in handy to also store other belongings like collected treasures, journals, and others. What’s more, this product is among the best kids backpack because of its zipper closure. The zipper tags are easy to open and close for added user convenience. Plus, two loops allow simple storage and carrying options. You can put water and milk bottles inside the two side pouches. In addition, this unit is lightweight and yet water-resistant, thanks to the polyester fabric.

  • Ideal kids gift
  • For 4-6-year-olds
  • Accommodates multiple stuff
  • Zipper closure
  • Water-resistant

This is the best gift for little ones between 4-6 years old. Its unique and beautiful finish brings out a child-like sense in any setting. Also, it weighs 0.77 pounds to allow comfortable carrying. The main pocket is spacious enough to store two books, a water bottle, and a lunch bag at the same time.

#2. ArcEnCiel Kid’s Backpack

ArcEnCiel Kid's Backpack

By: ArcEnCiel

Another top-rated kids backpack we have is the ArcEnCiel, which gives your little one easy use. Featuring a secure zipper closure, accessing the items is quick and comfortable. Simply zip and unzip the zipper every time you keep essentials. Not only that but also it is designed from premium polyester. This fabric is easy to clean and even lasts longer than the rest. With a food-safe front slot, it can hold food products such as snack without the worries about chemicals problems. Plus, the insulation is of high quality that maintains the temperature of the stored items such as cakes and much more.

Furthermore, this bag’s front pocket is spacious enough to hold snacks, school supplies, and lunch. The large space has a smaller compartment, and the front pocket plus two side pouches give you multiple storage places. Note that the shoulder straps and padded back improve carrying comfort. Your child can carry this unit safely from one place to the other without straining the shoulders and back. Moreover, its 15.7″ long X 11.8″ wide X 3.9″ tall is perfect for 5-10-year-olds.

  • Easy to use
  • Zipper closure
  • Food-safe front slot
  • Large interior
  • For kids

This backpack is easy to use for the little one to enjoy storage and access to valuables. It comes with a zipper closure that secures multiple stuff. You can store different types of food inside the food-safe front slot. Besides, many compartments allow an organized storage system. This unit comes with shoulder straps and padded back that improve carrying comfort.

#1. Skip Hop Toddler Backpack, 12″ Unicorn School Bag

Skip Hop Toddler Backpack, 12inch Unicorn School Bag

By: Skip Hop

A school bag should not be plain or dull as the previous designs. This one has a vibrant finish suitable for both boys and girls. It can be used by a toddler, kindergartner, and even preschool to store their valuables. Not only that but also it is among the best kids backpacks with a roomy main compartment. It accommodates little stuff such as lunch and snacks safely the whole day. This item comes with an insulated front slot that keeps commodities at the right temperature. In addition, this bag’s straps are steady for easy carrying.

Made from genuine canvas material, it has excellent strength for maximum durability. Also, cleaning it is super easy together with the inner lining. Your little one can carry it daily to school without worrying about dirt buildup. What’s more, this product measures 11 inches long x 5 inches wide x 12 hours tall, to hold a variety of belonging. Its adjustable mesh bottle pouch is made from phthalate-free fabric, which is not ideal for kids under three years.

  • Vibrant finish
  • For kids and toddlers
  • Keeps snack safe
  • Easy to clean
  • Large main pocket

The Skip Hop school bag has a multi-colored finish for a vibrant and stylish look. It is perfect for toddlers, kindergartners, and preschoolers to keep their valuables. Also, the roomy interior and an insulated front slot keep goods secure. You can clean it after some dirt buildup or stains quickly, thanks to the canvas construction. Plus, a phthalate-free mesh pouch hols a water bottle perfectly.

To Finish Up:

When comparing the prices and features of the best kids backpack, it needs a lot of time for research. You can use this time to do other things because we have done all the leg-work for you. The products above are stylish and made from durable material for long-lasting use. Also, the many pockets and main compartments hold a variety of essentials such as books, pencils, snacks, water bottles, and many others. Note that the best kids backpacks should have a comfortable shoulder strap for added carrying comfort.

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