Top 7 Best LED Dimmer Switches in 2021 Reviews

We spent quite some time looking for the best dimmable switch that you can use in your home or even office. Finding them accessories was not a problem. What was hard was determining the ones that are the most ideal. Our desire was for a piece that is simple to install and operate and also offers smooth operation. Also, it was necessary for it to be very basic for extra convenience. Another thing was for it to be a smart unit. This meant looking at its compatibility with apps, Voice Assistance, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and more. After a thorough analysis, we can now present to you the best LED dimmer switch in 2021.

#7. Leviton TSL06-1LW Toggle Slide Universal Dimmer

Leviton TSL06-1LW Toggle Slide Universal Dimmer

By: Leviton

This dimmer switch is very simple to mount and likewise takes minimal skills. Besides, it’s a small piece and won’t require lots of area. Connecting it to the electrical wiring is quite straightforward. However, you’ still find clear brief instructions in the pack. We love the classic design that looks okay with the white color. You can, therefore, place in many locations and it won’t affect the appeal. The integrated linear slide control and toggle switch offer easy and precise operation. This unit works with LED, CFL, incandescent as well as halogen bulbs.

It suitable for Single pole and also 3-way system. And Thanks to the superior technology, it starts up pretty fast and also handles high voltages well. This also helps to optimize performance. It supports up to 600 watts of power with halogen and incandescent units. For CFL and LED, it’s okay for up to 150 watts. The device works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant too. The operation is seamless and is also less prone to flickering. The tough built and durable materials bear with the use well.

  • Small and lightweight
  • Easy to set up
  • Functions with LED as well as other types of lights
  • Good dimming and less susceptible to flicker
  • Handles high voltages and wattages well

This dimmer switch works quite okay and is really simple to fit. The credit goes to the simple nature as we as the clear instructions. It is made from durable materials and lasts a long time. Also, it works with different light types including Led, halogen, CFL, and incandescent.

#6. Lutron Toggler C.L Dimmer Switch for dimmable LED

Lutron Toggler C.L Dimmer Switch for dimmable LED

By: Lutron

Next on the best LED dimmer switch review is this piece from Lutron. It delivers excellent service and also lasts for a long period. Besides, it has a small dimension hence requires minimal space. It does offer a great solution to enable you to conveniently vary the illumination. This assists you come up with a nice ambiance to suit your preference. Likewise, it lets you control its function using a mobile phone. It’s white in color and blends well with the different configurations. It also is compatible with Google Assistant in addition to Amazon Alexa. Making the change or setting it is extremely easy as well as straightforward.

You can use the gadget with both Single Pole and 3 Way applications. The builtin toggle switch incorporates the on/off and preset level, as well as slider dimming and brightening. Other than Led, it also works with CFL, incandescent and halogen bulbs. The maximum recommended wattage is 150-watts for LED and CFL while for halogen and incandescent it is 600 Watts.

  • Great looking and easy to fit
  • Super fast and effective
  • Works fantastic and practical
  • Decent quality and price
  • Suits different types of light bulbs

With this dimmer switch, you’ll have a nice experience dimming and brightening the lights. It is one of the most flexible and reliable pieces out there. It works with LED, CFL, incandescent and halogen bulbs too. Besides, it’s really simple and functions extremely well. The device works with Alexa and Google Assistant too.

#5. Leviton 6674-P0W SureSlide Universal 150-Watt LED and CFL/600-Watt Incandescent Dimmer

Leviton 6674-P0W SureSlide Universal 150-Watt LED and CFL 600-Watt Incandescent Dimmer

By: Leviton

This dimmer is appropriate for LED as well as CFL lamps. It has a frequency of 60Hertz and offers precise operation. Morever, installation is pretty easy and it also handles higher starting voltage. The integrated linear design offers a decent slide control. Also, it’s backward compatible and also works with incandescent lamps. It improves the illumination inside the room as well as the convenience. Like all the other options our reviews, it’s also small and compact too. It takes up very little space.

It’s a very flexible piece that will certainly deal with one or several lights. The white color matches the surroundings well. Furthermore, the items deal with Amazon Alexa as well as Google Assistant. Also, its compatible with apps and controlling the functions via a smartphone is very easy. It handles the operation well and doesn’t become too hot. This also helps to extend its longevity as well as energy efficiency. We love the smooth dimming operating as well as non-flickering performance.

  • Straightforward installation
  • Excellent dimming and no flicker
  • Supports several LED lights
  • Also works with CFL and incandescent lamps
  • The unit doesn’t become hot after long use

This unit makes changing the illumination more convenient. It’s a decent e system that works with Led, CFL as well as incandescent lamps. Morever, the smart unit is also compatible with IOS as well as Android gadgets. Installation is pretty easy and it also handles high voltages well. This boosts performance, reliability in addition to safety.

#4. Lutron Maestro LED Dimmer switch with motion sensor, no neutral required

Lutron Maestro LED Dimmer switch with motion sensor, no neutral required

By: Lutron

This piece also fits the best LED dimmer switch description. It’s quite versatile and will work very well with LED lights. In addition, it’s also suitable for CFL, Halogens as well as incandescent bulbs. Fitting the device is not stressful thanks to the minimal mounting points. Also, it’s very basic and you’ll get clear guidelines on the installation procedure. The unit is okay to use with a Single Pole, 3-Way, and also for Multi-Location applications. In any of these situations, it delivers decent service.

It has a better temperature tolerance in comparison to its alternatives. For halogens or incandescent lights, it handles up to 600 watts while for Led and CFL it is safe up to 150 watts. The unit operates seamlessly and allows you to conveniently vary the brightness. Also, it’s easy to set the adjustments and also has a button timer. And as an optional function, you can set it to sense daylight hence will not turn on. But will come alive when it detects darkness or night.

  • Works with LED, CFL, halogen and incandescent bulbs
  • Supports different lighting modes
  • Auto Sensing features work great
  • Very easy to install
  • Useful in different mounting options

This dimmer switch is just what you need to improve the lighting and ambiance in the room. It’s very easy to operate and delivers good service. What’s more, installation is a breeze and requires minimal skills. The unit supports different mounting options and will work with LED, CFL, Halogens and incandescent bulbs.

#3. TP-Link (HS220) Kasa Smart Dimmer WiFi Light Switch, 1-Pack

TP-Link (HS220) Kasa Smart Dimmer WiFi Light Switch, 1-Pack

By: TP-Link

This dimmer switch will work okay with Led lights as well as other types. It’s very simple to install and also takes minimal skills and effort. Besides, it’s a compact piece hence requires very little space. Connecting it to the wiring is pretty straightforward. Nevertheless, you’ll appreciate the instructions that come with it. It’s a smart piece that support app control and is compatible with both iOS and Android. This improves its efficiency and also simplifies the operation.

You will be able to control its functions via your smartphone. Moreover, it supports Voice Assistance and will work with the likes of Gouge Assistant, Amazon Alexa as well as Microsoft Cortana. It comes in basic white color that looks okay in any setup. It also has a very smooth operation and makes no noise at all. And thanks to having Wi-Fi capabilities, you can incorporate it into networks. The high-grade unit puts up with the use well and is also longlasting.

  • Small and compact size
  • Easy to install and takes minimal effort
  • Supports Voice Assistance
  • Works with LED lights well

This is a simple dimmer switch that works very well. It’s very easy to fit thanks to the simplicity as we as the clear instructions. Besides, it is made from strong materials and also works with IOS and Android. It also allows you to control its functions via the smartphone.

#2. Lutron Caseta Smart Start Kit, Dimmer Switch (2 Count) with Smart Bridge and Pico remotes

TP-Link AC1200 WiFi Range Extender

By: Lutron

Lutron Caseta dimmers switch is also another worthy choice. It’s perfect for everyday usage and also delivers good service. We like the small size, which means it requires minimal space. You can thus, use it even in limited locations. But despite its smallness, it does offer good service. You can easily vary the brightness of the light on the fly. This helps you create a nice ambiance as per your needs.

Like most in this review, it allows you to control its function via a smartphone. All you need is to make use of the app. Its white in color and should blend well with the different setups. It’s also compatible with Google Assistant as well as Amazon Alexa. Making the adjustment or setting it is very easy and simple. And once you do it; it will function as you wish it to. Thanks to its versatility, you can customize it suit your individual preferences.

  • Nice looking and easy to fit
  • Super fast and ultra-light
  • Works great
  • Easy to customize
  • Wide range of dimming options

With this dimmer switch, you’ll have more peace of mind. It’s a very simple device that works very well. The unit is compatible with most LED lights and is also easy to control. Morever, it works with Alexa and Google assistance hence improves its functionality and convenience.

#1. Philips Hue Smart Dimming Kit

NETGEAR Powerline Adapter 2000 Mbps

By: Philips Hue

You don’t need to tolerate very bright lighting inside the room. Also, you don’t need to rely on a manual piece that forces you to leave the comfort of your seat. With the best dimmer switch such as this one by Philips Hue, you’ll have an easier time varying the brightness of the led light. It may be simple in style but it works amazingly well. Also, it doesn’t need great tools or skills to install. In fact, by relying on the included directions/ instructions, you’ll be done with the installation in no time.

It’s a very flexible piece that will work with as many as 10 Led lights. It’s also very easy to set the levels and also works seamlessly. The device, like most in this analysis, is white in color. Therefore, it will match most surroundings well. Also, it’s compact and space-efficient. For extra functionality and convenience, this item works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. And since its wireless, you’ll worry little about limitation due to short cords or having to hide the wires from view.

  • Simple installation and wireless
  • Good dimming and reliable
  • Supports as many as 10 LED lights
  • Doesn’t need resetting all the time
  • Good design, size, and compact

This switch makes adjusting the lighting more convenient. It’s a smart unit that works with other smart devices. You can thus use IOS as well as Android devices. Moreover, it also works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit too. This improves its reliability as well as convenience.

Final Thoughts

You can own the best LED dimmer switch. You simply need to pick any of the above pieces. And as you’ll realize, they are very versatile and work with different light options. Also, installing and operating them is pretty easy. We love their smooth operating as well as large temperature and wattage range. This allows you to widely vary the dimming and brightness.

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