Top 10 Best Door Mats Of All Time — Reviews

Keep out dirt and mud from your shiny surfaces with the best door mats. It acts as a scraping and stepping spot after a long day at work, fishing, travels, and much more. Let’s review the best door mats in 2021 as follows.

#10. Evergreen Flag Colorful Pineapples Shaped Coir Mat

By: Evergreen Flag

This is a functional and fashionable doormat with incredible durability. You can place it on high-traffic locations such as an entryway to trap small dust and dirt particles. Also, it prevents messes from being tracked by pets or people into your house. This rug has a playful style featuring bright colors, fun patterns, and bold art.

Crafted from a safe coco husk fiber, this unit is eco-friendly. It works with the recycled rubber backing for stability and superior non-slip service. What’s more, it measures 30 inches wide x 18 inches wide, suitable for all entryways.

  • Functional
  • Fashionable
  • Traps small dust
  • Playful design
  • Eco-friendly material

The Evergreen Flag mat is functional and fashionable. It is perfect for high-traffic locations such as an entryway to trap small dust and dirt particles. Also, recycled rubber backing offers superior stability.

#9. Apache Mills Masterpiece Pebble Beach Doormat

By: Apache Mills

Some of the best door mats in the market have a reduced water drainage system. This leads to odor, mildew, and molds in areas with damp grounds. Fortunately, the Apache Mills comes with a molded construction featuring deep channels. Not only for trapping dirt but also keeps them off your shiny floor surfaces.

Made from recycled rubber, this rug is longlasting and straightforward to maintain. It is designed by combining old scrap tires to turn them into a stylish and modern doormat. What’s more, the flocked fiber surface comes in beautiful color for more appeal. Plus, the stain-resistant structure is perfect for outdoor locations.

  • Excellent water drainage
  • Deep channels
  • Keeps out dirt
  • Longlasting
  • Stain-resistant

This doormat has a molded construction featuring deep channels to trap dirt, debris, and moisture. It measures 22 inches long x 36 inches wide ideal for the outdoors. Not only that, but also its recycled rubber design is easy to clean.

#8. Achim Home Furnishings WRM1830FL6 Fleur De Lis

By: Achim Home Furnishings

We understand that not all doormats are made from safe and eco-friendly materials. This customarily caused harmful respiration affects mainly for sensitive people. To prevent this problem, you can buy the Achine Home’s rug design using eco-safe fabric. Also, its recycled rubber is durable and longlasting for more user value.

Additionally, this top door mat measures 18 inches wide x 30 inches long. It keeps out mud away from your clean floors when visitors and friends come over. Besides, you can rinse it occasionally using a garden hose to maintain the original color.

  • Eco-safe material
  • Easy cleaning
  • Spacious
  • Lovely gift
  • Simple and durable

The Achim Home Furnishings mat is made from eco-friendly material. Its recycled rubber is more durable and easy to clean than the rest. Not only that, but also you can rinse with a garden hose to maintain the original color and texture.

#7. SlipToGrip Universal Gray DoorMat with DuraLoop

SlipToGrip Universal Gray DoorMat with DuraLoop

By: SlipToGrip

The SlipToGrip is among the best door mats with a duraloop for universal service. Boasting an exclusive plaid structure, place it on your patio, garage, entryway, laundry room, and high-traffic areas. What’s more, the extra-large size measures 42 inches long x 35 inches wide to offer a beautiful stepping surface. This item is designed from a durable plastic fiber for ultimate underfoot coziness and support.

Featuring a moisture-resistant and waterproof construction, this unit offers a fantastic weatherproof performance. You can either use it outdoors or indoors to suit your application. Not only that, but also the PVC material is easy to wash by spraying water through the polypropylene fiber.

  • Multipurpose
  • Comfortable underfoot feel
  • Easy to clean
  • Quality material
  • Low profile

This is a universal doormat that has a plaid structure for multiple locations. You can place it on the patio, garage, and more areas with high traffic. Plus, cleaning the PVC material is simple by spraying with water.

#6. Gorilla Grip Original Durable Rubber Door Mat

Gorilla Grip Original Durable Rubber Door Mat

By: Gorilla Grip

This is another top-rated door mat that is easy to maintain and clean. By using a handheld vacuum or broom, you can remove any debris quickly. And for minor dust, just shake it off over a garbage bin or outdoors. What’s more, wiping with mild soap and damp cloth comes in handy to support a deeper cleaning. Unlike the other mats that are designed with recycled materials, this one uses natural rubber. That makes it super durable, soft, and flexible for longlasting service. Plus, the featured polypropylene fabric is beautifully woven, and you can pick one of the four patterns and colors available.

In addition, moisture absorption is easy with this rug, thanks to the beveled rubber border. It helps form retention well to trap mud, mess, and moisture from tracking into a clean surface. Besides, the slightly raised material traps debris within the patterned grooves. It also dries quickly to prevent daily wear and tear. Note that this product measures 29 inches long x 17 inches wide with a 1/4-inch slim profile.

  • Easy cleaning
  • Strong natural rubber
  • Multiple colors
  • Excellent moisture absorption
  • Slim profile

Clean this mat easily by using a broom or a handheld vacuum. The dirt comes out quickly to help maintain its texture and original look. Also, it traps mud and other messes much better than the rest, thanks to the beveled rubber border.

#5. Sierra Concepts 2-Pack Striped Door Floor Mat

Sierra Concepts 2-Pack Striped Door Floor Mat

By: Sierra Concepts

The Sierra Concepts is the best door mat ideal for outdoor or inside use. Measuring 30 inches long x 17 inches wide, it is perfect for most entryways. Besides, its ribbed polyester construction is robust, easy to clean, and longlasting. This rug comes in a 2-pack packaging with black and steel gray colors. Also, the presence of recycled rubber and anti-skid rubber backing prevents moisture leaks.

We love the versatility of this unit that makes it perfect for different locations. Use it in the kitchen, front and side door, entryway, hall, garage, patio, laundry, and other sites. Moreover, it keeps clean floors dirt-free even when pets and guests visit. It doubles as a shoe scraper to wipe off debris from muddy footwear and paws.

  • For indoor/outdoor
  • Two mats
  • Longlasting
  • Quick cleaning
  • For different locations

Place this mat indoors or outdoors to keep dirt away from your floors. It has a ribbed polyester design that offers a longlasting and easy cleaning. Not only that, but also the shaking and sweeping it removes any stuck-on debris.

#4. DII Indoor Outdoor Rubber Easy Clean Entryway Welcome Doormat

DII Indoor Outdoor Rubber Easy Clean Entryway Welcome Doormat


Are you tired of replacing doormats after a short period? Then save your money and invest in the DII rug that offers year-round service. Made from PVC material, it can bear all weather conditions such as snow, rain, high heat, winds, and much more. Also, the sturdy backing delivers excellent anti-skid property to prevent movements and to slip. Even for the young ones, they can wipe their muddy shoes or dirt with ease.

Moreover, this top-rated door mat can trap dirt and debris much better than the rest. It comes with a robust PVC structure that traps undesirables such as snow, grass, mud, grit, dust, and dirt. Not only that, but also it lets water drain smoothly to keep out mold and mildew. Featuring an anti-mold mechanism made from recycled rubber, durability is guaranteed. Place it for exterior doors at back porches, garages, sheds, front door, and other locations.

  • All year round service
  • For all weathers
  • Anti-skid backing
  • Easy use
  • Efficient water draining

The DII guarantees an all-year-round service thanks to the PVC material. It can bear all types of weather, such as snow, rain, winds, and much more. Besides, the anti-skid backing improves stability when wiping dirt away from shoes.

#3. Dirty Dog Doormat

Dirty Dog Doormat

By: Dog Gone Smart Pet Products

This best door mat has a high GSM absorption capacity of 3000, which is much higher than the competition. Most of them have less than 1500 making this one quality and superior. What’s more, its gripper section has a non-skid backing to prevent movement and skidding. You can step on it with or without shoes, and still enjoy maximum stability. With a double basting construction and premium stitching, this rug is durable. It will give you a prolonged service without wearing out too quickly for additional user value.

Thanks to the modern structure with microfiber strands, they guarantee a faster drying than the rest. You can clean it as frequently as desired to maintain its original color, texture, and feel. Besides, it has a medium size measuring 31 inches long x 20 inches wide. Place it in front of your most-used door or entryway, to keep dirt off your shiny floors.

  • High absorption rate
  • Non-skid backing
  • Double basting construction
  • Fast drying
  • Machine-washable

The Dog Gone Smart mat has a higher GSM absorption capacity than the rest. Its non-skid backing prevents movements and skidding for more safety. Besides, the microfiber strands wash well and dry faster than other materials.

#2. Gorilla Grip Original Indoor Durable Chenille Doormat

Gorilla Grip Original Indoor Durable Chenille Doormat

By: Gorilla Grip

The other best door mat is by Gorilla Grip, ideal for houses with pets. Designed with an excellent absorbent top layer, it quickly traps moisture and mud from muddy shoes. Not only that, but also those cats and dogs with muddy paws don’t stand a chance with this rug. You can now keep debris and dirt off your clean floors when guests, family friends, and pets come over. Besides, the 30-inch length by 20 inches wide is ideal for most home spaces where moisture and dirt are most vulnerable.

Furthermore, this item provides the surfaces with additional protection from dirt. It has a soft structure to keep the feet and paws cozy in every stepping. Also, it is thick enough to deliver a comfortable warmth, especially from cold floors. Alternatively, you can use it as a stylish bath rug to complement the decor and room’s ambience. What’s more, the sturdy underside features a TP rubber backing to keep this accessory in place.

  • For houses with pets
  • Traps moisture
  • Spacious
  • Cozy design
  • Durable material

If you live in a house full of pets, then this is the right doormat to use. It has excellent absorbency that traps moisture and mud from shoes and paws. Also, it leaves your floors clean and free of debris after each guest visits.

#1. Durable Dura-Rug Recycled Fabric Tire-Link Outdoor Entrance Mat

Durable Dura-Rug Recycled Fabric Tire-Link Outdoor Entrance Mat

By: Durable Corporation

This is a heavy-duty entrance mat made from premium and safe material. The carpet-like weave offers an excellent and cozy underfoot feel. Also, it has an open mesh design that comes in handy to absorb moisture and, at the same time, trap dirt caused by foot traffic. This rug’s recycled tires structure has better strength, wear-resistance, and durability than the rest. In addition, you can roll it up for quick cleaning and simple storage.

We love the useful size that allows comfortable stepping on and off. It measures 24 inches wide x 36 inches long x 0.75 inches thick to occupy an efficient space in front of a door. What’s more, the tough nap can resist wear to retain its original soft texture for a long time.

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Carpet-like feel
  • Traps dirt
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Quick folding

We love this entrance mat’s durability made from recycled tires. Its open mesh style traps dirt and absorbs moisture quickly caused by foot traffic. Not only that but also the sturdy nap can resist wearing better than the others in the market.


Keep dirt, mud, and debris off your floors with the best door mats. It traps them efficiently after wiping muddy or dirty shoes on the top. Also, the best door mats easily cleans to maintain its original look.

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