The 9 Best Portable Keyboard Pianos In 2021 — Product Reviews

If you love traveling or moving around, then the best portable keyboard piano is what you need. You won’t need to worry about it weighing you done since it will be lightweight. It won’t take up lots of space on a stand, desk, bag, or storage. This is because it will be compact. Also, it will be a travel or carry-friendly piece made to endure the movement, vibration, shock, abrasion, bangs and more.

It will comprise tough materials, they will be much narrower, and also will have a smoother and sleeker finish which is less prone to oills, dust, dirt, grease, hairs and much more. And as more and more people go for the accessories, manufacturers continue to release newer products. Some will be very good, others will just be okay, while you still get options that aren’t worth talking about. In the following read, we will highlight some of the best portable keyboard pianos in 2021:

#9. Alesis Recital 88 Key Beginners Digital Piano Keyboard with Full Size Semi-Weighted Keys

Alesis Recital 88 Key Beginners Digital Piano Keyboard with Full Size Semi-Weighted Keys

By: Alesis

Alesis Recital is the first choice in the best portable keyboard piano review 2020. It’s ideal for beginners and includes 88 premium full-sized keys. They are semi-weighted for easy operation and also have a nice adjustable touch. It produces 5 premiums, voices and comes with powerful 20-watt speakers.

The keyboard has really responsive keys that require a slight touch. It’s also very user-friendly and also won’t cause any fatigue. The decent memory allows you to store the tunes and settings. And while its high quality it’s still more affordable than most options in its range.

  • Produces decent sound
  • Really easy to deal with
  • Very responsive keys
  • Smooth and sleek appearance

This keyboard is extremely mobile and carrying it is rather simple. It has a decent size and weight too. Additionally, it feels wonderful in the hands and won’t make you tired. Morever, the smooth finish gives it a nice sleek and modern appeal.

#8. Kawai ES100 Digital Piano

Kawai ES100 Digital Piano

By: Kawai

The Kawai ES100 Digital Piano is a good choice for people on the move or individuals that want convenience. It has a slender layout that enables you to easily carry it around. It is not a hefty device and likewise isn’t bulky. We like the good built that will certainly sustain the impact, motions, bangs, abrasion and a lot more. The keyboard is very user-friendly and also won’t cause any fatigue.

It includes Split and as well as Double modes. And to store your tunes settings and more, it has a decent memory. Likewise, it has a smooth finish that makes it much more forgiving of abrasion, dirt, moisture, dust and much more. Also, the smooth and sleek finish makes cleanup much easier.

  • Decent size and weight
  • Easy to play
  • Not heavy and very portable
  • Well built and durable

We enjoy the layout of this keyboard in addition to the responsive keys. Also, it gives off the excellent sound and also has a user-friendly interface. It’s a basic piece hence straightforward to look after. And thanks to the robust materials and nature, it offers long-lasting service.

#7. Yamaha P115 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano with Sustain Pedal

Yamaha P115 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano with Sustain Pedal

By: Yamaha

The Yamaha P115 is also a very effective keyboard piano. It’s simple and basic and this makes it a good pick for beginners and also intermediates. It consists of 88 keys and they are weighted for good sound delivery. Morever, it has a black color and the finish is very smooth and sleek.

It comes with two 7-watt audio speakers to deliver excellent audio. You also get a decent built-in amplifier to enhance the sound quality and delivery. Also, the Pure CF Noise Engine innovation makes sure the sound is professional. The keyboard piano works with Controller App and also iPhone gadgets.

  • Looks amazing and sleek
  • Easy to use and take care of
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Compact and space-efficient

This keyboard provides good audio and is easy to use. It features 2 powerful speakers and also a decent amplifier. The small device is very easy to carry thanks to its lightweight. Morever; it has a smooth easy-to-wipe finish to ensure it maintains its elegance.

#6. Alesis Recital 61 – 61-Key Digital Piano / Electric Keyboard with Built-In Speakers, Semi-Weighted Keys, Power Supply

Alesis Recital 61 - 61-Key Digital Piano Electric Keyboard with Built-In Speakers, Semi-Weighted Keys, Power Supply

By: Alesis

Alesis Recital 61 is a high-quality keyboard piano that targets beginners. The electric keyboard has 61 premium keys and comes in full size. You also get 10 premium voices including Organ, Acoustic Piano, Synth, Electric Piano, and more. We love the audio it produces in addition to the easy playing and responsive buttons. You’ll uncover many parameters and this guarantees you of quality sound and a nice experience.

The lightweight and compact size make moving around with it easy. Besides, it comes in a nice color and sleek finish that looks all right in any surrounding. It not a heavy unit and is Also not a bulky piece. Consequently, it is simple to carry it and it also takes up little area.

  • Modern and contemporary
  • Supplies good audio
  • Good weight as well as the size
  • Very responsive keys

This keyboard piano is perfect for daily use and you can use it in the home, school, and many other places. It’s very lightweight hence easy to carry around. It’s constructed from top-quality materials and also will endure the use as well as misuse well.

#5. Casio PX-350 BK 88-Key Touch Sensitive Privies Digital Piano with “AIR” Acoustic and Intelligent Resonation System

Casio PX-350 BK 88-Key Touch Sensitive Privies Digital Piano with AIR Acoustic and Intelligent Resonation System

By: Casio

The Casio brand does surface often when speaking about the best portable keyboard pianos. The Casio PX-350 BK is one of the popular and revered options. It targets beginners as well as intermediates and has a straightforward design. Also, we like the layout and key design that makes playing simple.

It’s highly receptive and also has good spacing between the keys. This ensures you don’t miss a key when playing. It works okay with any type of hands and also is very smooth and comfortable. The unit has 88 keys and produces fantastic audio. Also, it has 3 sensors on each key for the best experience and outcome.

  • Good weight balancing
  • Compact and space-efficient
  • Creates great sound
  • Extremely responsive keys

You’ll have an easy time carrying it around. This is owing to the compact size and respectable weight. The smooth coating makes eliminating dirt and also other things easy. Also, it gives it a nice appearance. The keyboard does feel stronger and more durable than most other options.

#4. Yamaha P255 88-Key Professional Weighted Action Digital Piano with Sustain Pedal, Black

Yamaha P255 88-Key Professional Weighted Action Digital Piano with Sustain Pedal

By: Yamaha

The Yamaha P255 digital piano is a remarkable option. The digital piano has strong synthetic Ivory keys. Likewise, you get 256 notes of Polyphony to create quality sound. The good sensitivity needs little effort to produce the sound. Also, they are well balanced and ergonomic. This minimizes exhaustion even in an intense play session.

It’s a well-built item and also will tolerate the routine use, movement, impact, cleaning, vibrations, knocks, and also a lot more. Morever, the smooth finish improves its overall looks and likewise tolerates dust, dirt, oil, and better. It’s easy to wipe or clean and produces high-quality noise. You’ll clearly listen to the highs, lows, mids, bass, treble and more.

  • Excellent spacing in between the keys
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Good quality and durable built
  • Very easy to use

This keyboard piano creates impressive audio. It additionally has great size and layout that proves effective in lots of situations. Thanks to its lightweight as well as compact nature, carrying it about are extremely practical. Also, it’s easy to take care of.

#3. Yamaha P45, 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano (P45B)

Yamaha P45, 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano (P45B)

By: Yamaha

Yamaha is no stranger in the best portable keyboard piano reviews. The P45 is a preferred option for amateurs and professionals too. The unit has 88 keys that generate amazing noise. On top of that, it’s a strong item and also will bear with the use, vibrations, knocks, abrasion, bangs as well as more.

The Advanced Wave Memory technology emits all-natural stereo audio. Likewise, you also find 64-note polyphony and Twin Setting; it handles the task, bangs, abrasion, falls and more quite well. Additionally, it has a smooth surface that makes it a lot more forgiving of dirt, wetness, oils, greases as well as more. This also makes cleanup a lot easier.

  • Easy to carry
  • Compact and well constructed
  • Generates top-quality audio
  • Tough built and durable

This keyboard is compact as well as really mobile. Consequently, carrying it about is quite hassle-free. Additionally, it has an appropriate size and is additionally lightweight. It furthermore feels good in the hands, also has a userfriendly interface, and is also ergonomic styled.

#2. Casio Privia PX-160BK 88-Key Full-Size Digital Piano with Power Supply

Casio Privia PX-160BK 88-Key Full-Size Digital Piano with Power Supply

By: Casio

Casio Privia PX-160BK provides outstanding sound. It’s an excellent option for novices and professionals and is simple to operate. Besides, the keyboard comprises 88 keys and is black in color. The AiR engine supplies accurate grand piano sounds and likewise has a seamless dynamic. Furthermore, the Hammer Activity has 3 sensors to captures the elements.

It provides terrific audio by means of the 8w x 8w speaker system. And to improve the sound delivery, it comes with a builtin amplifier. Also, it records the sounds via the two-track recorder. The system has an appropriate memory and you will be able to save the setups and more. And although high quality, it ranks amongst the most affordable options.

  • Great measurement and interface
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Well-spaced and responsive keys
  • Easy to play

This keyboard puts out a good show. It has good studio and output and also is very easy to play. It’s ideal for beginners and also seasoned players. We love the good key spacing, the nice response as well as the many extra features. It’s a stylish piece and also very easy to clean.

#1. Yamaha DGX660B Portable Digital Piano – (White)

Yamaha DGX660B Portable Digital Piano - (White)

By: Yamaha

We bring this review on the best portable keyboard piano to close by looking at the Yamaha DGX660B. It’s white in color and also looks unique and also elegant at the same time. It’s a full-size unit with well-spaced keys. The builtin in Pure CF Sound Engine reproduces a natural sound while the GHS weighted action improves its response and performance.

It has a fundamental style and comes in black color. The design mixes well different decors and surroundings. Playing it is extremely simple thanks to the extremely receptive keys as well as user-friendly interface. Morever, the spacing is good and matches any type of user. It has a slim style and is likewise portable to allow you to easily move or carry it. You can hold it with one hand without any issue since it is not hefty and also not bulky.

  • Simple and very efficient
  • Superb key weight balancing
  • Very responsive keys
  • Good key spacing

This keyboard piano produces impressive sound and is also is really easy to operate. It likewise has a great dimension and is also lightweight for easy carrying. The compact unit doesn’t take up lots of space. Furthermore, the smooth finishing boosts its appeal and makes cleaning easier.


After going through the above review, you’ll have an easier experience owning the best portable keyboard piano. You simply need to identify the option that suits your needs as we as individual preference then make an order. This is as easy as clicking in the tab below the product. The above options are of very high quality and also very durable. They will endure the use, misuse, abrasion, bangs, and much more. Also, you’ll notice they have a smooth and sleek finish that is less susceptible to dust, hairs, grease, oils and more. What’s more, the keys are very responsive, the interface is user-friendly, and also have a nice memory. In addition to quality sound, the best portable keyboard piano also comes with maximum satisfaction.


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