Top 9 Best Cheap Projectors Under 100 You Should Own In 2021

You don’t have to spend lots of money on a good projector. Also, you shouldn’t rely on unfounded or limited information. In this review, we will show you the best cheap projectors under 100. Our goal is to help you pick a reliable, high quality, versatile, and drabble product. And to come up with the following options we looked at the most important things. These were resolution, design/style, setup ease, longevity, features, portability, and price among other things. A projector is useful in many situations both indoors and outdoors. The home, classroom, lecture room, workshop RV, mobile home, seminar rooms, are but a few of the notable areas. Without much ado, let’s look at the best cheap projectors under 100.

#9. ManyBox Mini Projector, 4500 LUX Portable Video Projector

ManyBox Mini Projector, 4500 LUX Portable Video Projector

By: ManyBox

This mini projector offers a Superior watching experience and is also very popular. It’s ideal for offices, homes, RVs classrooms, and many other places. We love the easy set up as well as simple operation. Moreover, it’s portable and lightweight hence easy to move/carry. The projection size ranges from 36″ To 150 inches while the projection dissect is between 3ft to 12feet

It’s a compact unit hence also suits small spaces. And with a full HD 1080P resolution, it relays exceptionally clear and vibrant images. The versatile unit is compatible with PC, TV Box, Smartphones, PS4, Home theatre, Laptops, Game consoles and comes ready to use.

  • Works well in many setups
  • Simple design and lightweight
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Very portable and compact
  • Supports a high resolution

This video projector is simple and also very easy to set up. Besides its lightweight for easy handling and also compact to save space. We love the high resolution that delivers clear images as well as the decent sound quality.

#8. Crosstour Mini WiFi Projector Synchronize Smartphone Screen Video Proyector

Crosstour Mini WiFi Projector Synchronize Smartphone Screen Video Proyector

By: Crosstour

This is among the best cheap projectors under 100. It’s versatile and you’ll enjoy movies, games, and much more. Besides, it’s compact and suitable even for limited spaces. The screen size varies from 32 inches to a maximum of 76 inches. At the different sizes, the images are very clear. This so due to the full HD 1080p support. Its lightweight, weighing just 2.86lbs, and convenient to carry and handle.

The unit is small, measuring 7.7 x 6.5 x 3.1 inches. Besides, it’s compatible with iOS, PC, Android, TV, Mac, Windows, PC, and more. And with 3500 Lux brightness, pull enjoy bright pictures. The LED lamps last for up to 30,000 hours and are very consistent.

  • Clear and colorful images
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Simple style and easy setup
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Works with many devices

This is an affordable mini video projector that suits many setups. It delivers clear and vibrant images as well as decent sound. Moreover, it is lightweight and also space saving. We love the consistency as well as the tough build. It handles the heat, operation, and movement quite well.

#7. Crenova Mini Projector,1080P Full HD Supported Portable Phone Projector

Crenova Mini Projector,1080P Full HD Supported Portable Phone Projector

By: Crenova

Crenova isn’t a stranger in regards to the best cheap projectors under 100. This is a good pick that suits home, office, RV, workshop, and other places. What’s more, it’s a compact a portable piece and thus you’ll have it easy moving with or carrying it. It’s a superior piece that can run for extended periods without becoming hot. This is due to superior built-in fans.

It supports 4500-lux brightness and has a 1080p resolution for high-quality pictures. And like the images, the sound is equally good thanks to the builtin dual speakers. The projector screen varies between 33”~200 inches whereas the viewing range is between 3.7~19.7feet.

  • Nice easy-adjust projector screen
  • Simple to operate and comes ready to use
  • Lightweight and compact
  • High resolution and brightness
  • Clear pictures and sound

This projector works well in many applications. It’s simple in design and also easy to set up. What’s more, it comes ready to use and you’ll discover clear instructions. We love the portable and compact nature, which boosts handling. Also, it supports high resolution and has good sound delivery.

#6. Crosstour Mini Projector LED Video Projector Home Theater

Crosstour Mini Projector LED Video Projector Home Theater

By: Crosstour

This video projector by Crosstour targets the home, office, workshop, RV mobile homes, and more. It’s simple and very easy to set up as well as operate. Besides, it’s space-efficient to cater to small spaces and also is lightweight, weighing just 0.91 lbs., the projector screen is variable and the largest it gets is 176 inches. This is pretty large.

The mini projector delivers amazing pictures due to the full HD 1080P resolution and 2000:1 contrast ratio. And with a brightness rating of 2600 lux, you’ll enjoy clear and colorful pictures. Also, the sound reaches far and is also crisp. And with a dimension of 8*6*3.2 inches,, you won’t worry about it taking up lots of space. Also, its longlasting thanks top the LED lamps with a 55, 000-hour lifespan and solid built.

  • Delivers clear images and sound
  • High quality built and durable
  • Doesn’t produce any noise
  • Energy-efficient and easy to operate
  • Compact and space saving

This mini projector works great and displays clear and colorful images. Also, we love the sound as well as a large screen. The versatile unit is easy to operate and also doesn’t produce noise. Furthermore, it’s energy-efficient and require s minimal maintenance.

#5. Mini Projector, APEMAN 3800L Brightness Projector

Mini Projector, APEMAN 3800L Brightness Projector


The APEMAN mini projector supports a high Full HD 1080p resolution. Also, it has 3800L brightness. Therefore, you’ll get very sharp images and watching movies or playing games is more fun. It’s a simple unit, which also occupies little space. You can use it in many setups, both indoors and outdoors. And like the setting up the operation is also easy.

The advanced LED light sources deliver a 70% brighter setting than other alternatives. Also, it features the latest and more superior 4.0 LCD display technology. The screen size is variable and the viewing distance ranges from 5 to 8feet. It’s silent in operation and also doesn’t get too hot even after continuous usage.

  • High quality and durable
  • Easy to install and use
  • Consistent performance
  • Good brightness and resolution
  • Longlasting energy-efficient LEDs

This projector is among the best cheap projectors under 100 and is worth buying. It’s compatible with many devices as well as OS. Besides, it’s of high quality and handles she use well. We love the top performance as well as longlasting LEDs.

#4. Mini Projector 2020 Upgraded Portable Video-Projector

Mini Projector 2020 Upgraded Portable Video-Projector

By: AuKing

The AuKing unit is amongst the best cheap projectors in the market. It comes from a reputable brand and is simple in design. The unit is more advanced than the previous model and also much smaller. Also, it boasts of superior features for a good viewing experience. It works with Smartphones, PC, TV Stick, Tablets, USB Drives, home theatres, game consoles, and more.

The screen display is 32~170 inches while the projection distance is 1m to 5meters. We love the brightness owing to the 1080p resolution as well as the 2000: 1 contrast ratio. The mini projector delivers good sound with decent coverage. And to keep it cool especially in continuous use, it features robots builtin fans. It’s not a noisy unit and requires minimal care.

  • High quality and cheap
  • Simple in design
  • Has advanced features
  • Small and lightweight
  • Works with many devices

This is a high quality and cheap mini projector. It’s also simple in design and thus easy to use. Morever, it has advanced features than the earlier model and is also small and lightweight. The unit works with many devices and is also longlasting.

#3. Mini Projector, CiBest Video Projector

Mini Projector, CiBest Video Projector

By: CiBest

If you want a superior movie experience, then you’ll go for the best cheap projectors under 100. This mini projector by CiBest is a good pick and is among the common choices. It may be small, measuring 7.87 x 5. 5 x 2.7 inches, but is very reliable. The compact piece suits small spaces and is also very carry-friendly thanks top the 2.25 lb weight. Moreover, the powerful built-in LEDs and 200 lux deliver super bright images.

It supports 1080p resolution and also has good sound delivery. Furthermore, it works well with Smartphones, PC, TV, Blue-Ray Player, Laptops, tablets, and DVD Players among others. Also, it’s compatible with many operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Android as well as iOS.

  • Decent screen display and distance
  • Good brightness and resolution
  • Good sound with decent coverage
  • Runs silently and stays cool
  • Not a noisy unit and minimal care

This projector has a decent screen display and also projection distance. Additionally, it has good brightness and resolution

for superior picture quality. We like the good sound as well as coverage. It runs silently and stays cool even in demanding use.

#2. Mini Projector, APEMAN 4000L Brightness 180in. Display Projector

Mini Projector, APEMAN 4000L Brightness 180in. Display Projector


The APEMAN mini projector is ideal for movie watching playing games and other activities. It’s a portable unit, which also is easy to operate. We love the design that looks all right in many setups. Also, it’s compact and needs little space. The projector runs silently and supports a maximum display size of 180 inches. And thanks to 1080p resolution, the picture quality so amazing.

The robust built-in speakers deliver good sound whereas the dual fans ensure it remains cool throughout. Like most options on this review, it works with TV, Laptops, PC, Smartphones, Blue Ray, Home Theatre, DVD Players, and more. You’ll find HDMI, VGA, MicroSD, TF, and AV inputs.

  • Portable and lightweight
  •  Easy to operate
  • Nice design and color
  • Matches many setups
  • Compact and needs little space

This is a portable and lightweight mini projector. It’s simple and also very easy to operate. Morever, we love the nice design and color as well as simple setup. It matches many setups well as also is compact and needs little space. The unit runs silently and is longlasting.

#1. VIVIMAGE C480 Mini Projector

VIVIMAGE C480 Mini Projector


Ending the best cheap projectors under 100 reviews is the VIVIMAGE C480 mini projector. It has a modern appeal and is more advanced than most alternatives. Besides, it’s versatile and suits the home, office, workshop, RV, and many other places. It’s compatible with many OS as well as devices and also comes ready to use. No need to download or install software programs or apps.

The unit is easy to carry due to its lightweight. Also, it takes little space. It doesn’t become hot and also it’s not noisy. And to deliver, high image quality it supports the full HD 1080p resolution, 3800-lux brightness. The watching size starts from 37” all the way to 170 inches. For the distance, it works okay between 3. 8 and 18feet.

  • Runs silently and seamlessly
  • Good picture quality
  • Good sound delivery
  • Many inputs
  • Compatible with different devices

This mini video projector runs silently and seamlessly also, it has good picture quality thanks to the superior brightness and high-resolution support. Also, the sound quality and delivery is good. It features many inputs to work with different devices.


There goes our analysis of the best cheap projectors under 100. During the search comparison and ranking, we looked at quite a number of things. These include price, quality, style, operation ease, durability, brand reputation, consumer opinion, and expert reviews. The above units are of decent quality and also take up minimal space due to the compact size. Also, they are portable thanks to theory lightweight. Handling and carrying isn’t an issue. And owing to the high resolution and superior features, they relay high quality, vibrato, and colorful images. With the best cheap projectors under 100, you’ll enjoy watching movies, playing games, and much more.

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