Top 10 Best CPAP Cleaners You Should Buy — Reviews In 2021

CPAP cleaners are the only and easy way to maintain and keep CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machines clean. CPAP cleaners will help to get rid of any pollutants or germs that you come in contact with. The great thing about CPAP cleaners is that they make cleaning easier and more effective. At the same time, CPAP cleaners also help to maintain the quality of your CPAP equipment for long term use. For those who are looking for the best CPAP cleaners, we have 10 of them that you can take into consideration.

#10. PURDOUX CPAP Mask and Hose Cleaning Soap

PURDOUX CPAP Mask and Hose Cleaning Soap

By: Purdoux

Perfect for mask and hose cleaning, this soap is gentle so that you can use it for daily cleaning easily. The great thing about this CPAP cleaning is that it is free from alcohol, bleach, conditioners, moisturizers, and latex. That makes it super safe and healthy to use even for every day. On top of that, it can clean silicone surfaces while preserving their softness and elasticity as well. That is not all, it even remove body oils from the surfaces of your CPAP masks and hoses as well. Not to mention that it also neutralizes odor, this option is definitely among the best. There are 3 bottles in the pack, and you can use them for months.

  • Gentle and safe to use
  • Does not leave residue
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Nice and pleasing scent
  • No alcohol, bleach, conditioners, and harmful substances

Since it is for mask and hose cleaning, we like the fact that it has the scent of green tea mint. You can use it every day, and the smell is so pleasing especially on the mask. In addition to that, there are bottles in the set so you can use it for months per buy. Overall, this option is super great.

#9. Essential Values 16 Fl Oz CPAP Pre-Wash

Essential Values 16 Fl Oz CPAP Pre-Wash

By: Essential Values

If you want to eliminate the smell and odor from your CPAP equipment, then this is the cleaner that you need. It comes with the safe solution that will neutralize and get rid of any stinky odor from the equipment. The great thing about it is that it works great with all models and equipment. From masks and tubes to reservoir and more, it can do them all. With daily cleaning using it, you won’t have to worry about dirty debris or any related elements anymore. All the formulas of this cleaner are safe and effective, and you can also use it to remove stains as well. The best part is that it does not smell, and you will the improvement in your equipment right away.

  • Free of additives
  • Safe and effective
  • Fight and neutralize odors
  • Does not leave film or residue
  • Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free

Even if you are new to using cleaners for your CPAP equipment, it is still okay. This neutralizer comes with instructions in form of steps that you can easily follow. That is the part that we specifically like about it apart from its quality and effectiveness. It works great, and with all models and equipment as well, nothing will ever go wrong using this cleaner.

#8. Care Touch CPAP Tube Cleaning Brush – Flexible Stainless

Care Touch CPAP Tube Cleaning Brush - Flexible Stainless

By: Care Touch

If you are looking for the best CPAP cleaner for your hose, this is the one. This is the cleaning brush that helps to clean out all the germs and bacteria that pass through. That way, you can trust that the air that passes through the tube is always clean and fresh. This cleaning brush is soft, and it will prevent any damages of the CPAP tube while providing the excellent clean. The great thing about it is that you can extend up to 7 feet in length to make hose cleaning very easy for you. On top of that, you can easily fold it up to a compact size for easy storage as well. It is easy and simple to use, and its quality lasts for long term use. You might want to look at this option.

  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Keeps the air fresh and clean
  • Gets rid of germ and bacteria
  • Works great with small tubes

We have gone through quite a number of brush cleaners, and this is the best of them all. Mainly, because it is very easy to use and it works thoroughly to make sure that the tube is clean. You can extend it to quite a good length as well, so cleaning will be very easy and simple. We think you will definitely like this one.

#7. AWOW Professional CPAP Odor Control Advanced Formula

AWOW Professional CPAP Odor Control Advanced FormulaBy: A World of Wipes Professional

This is the cleaner that can eliminate all the common odor from your CPAP right away from the first use. This cleaner comes in a form of wipes so that you can easily throw them away after use. That is not all, it features the natural cleansing formula that is gentle and safe. There are 240 wipes in total in the set which you can use every day for months. The best part is that all the wipes are free from alcohol and latex, and they are super natural. With them, cleaning and maintaining your masks and equipment will very easy and simple. Take a look and see if you like this option.

  • 100% natural cotton
  • Very little to no scent
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Easy to store and bring along with
  • Neutralize odor without harmful chemicals

We highly recommend this option for users who are on the go a lot. That is because these wipes are very easy to bring along with in its compact canister. With that, you will be able to clean your equipment very easily. You should take a look, this one might match with your preference.

#6. Resway Respiratory Machine Mask Cleaning Wipes

Resway Respiratory Machine Mask Cleaning Wipes

By: Resway

With a simple and gentle wipe, you can easily clean all the germs and bacteria from your mask right away. There will not be any scrubbing, rinsing, drying, or any complicated cleaning at all. The cool part about these cleaning wipes is that they come with extra wide size. That makes it easy for you to clean more surface using just one sheet. The wipes in this set allows you to get rid of dirt, dust, oil, and grime off your equipment easily. At the same time, it leaves no residue or smell at all. It is convenient and easy to use, and there are two containers in a pack. With such good quality and quantity, these mask cleaning is so worth the price.

  • Larger and better size
  • Gets rid of allergens and dirt
  • Does not leave scent, lint, smudges
  • Free of alcohol and bleach substances
  • Easy to use, store, and bring along with

With 72 wipes in each canister, we can guarantee you that these wipes are worth its price. Not to mention its quality and ability to clean and get rid of the dirt and bacteria, it is great. This option is very convenient and easy to use, and that is why we recommend this option.

#5. RESPURA AG-CLN-HA CPAP Tube Cleaning System

RESPURA AG-CLN-HA CPAP Tube Cleaning System


All in one, this cleaning system will do all the job to make sure that your tubes are clean. Its one tool alone can clean, soak, and dry the tubes which is simply quick, easy, and convenient to have. At the same time, you can use it with both CPAP and BiPAP hoses and tubes. Also, it even includes a hanger that will come in handy when it comes to soaking and drying tubes. With this tool, daily cleaning your tubes and hoses will be a simply breeze which is great. There are 2 caps that works together to give the best cleaning to your equipment every time. It is compact and easy to use, and this option will do its job at its best for you.

  • Comes with hang to soak
  • Works fast and efficiently
  • Compact and portable size
  • Easy, simple, and convenient to use

Many users like this option because it does everything it supposes to. Also, you can easily store it after use without taking up too much space at all. Not to mention that its compact size allows for easy portability, it is one of the best.

#4. Respiclean – CPAP Mask Cleaner by MVAP

Respiclean - CPAP Mask Cleaner by MVAP


Here we have another mask cleaner that you can take into consideration. It comes with a form of spray that makes cleaning easier and faster. With it, you will be able to deodorizes your masks, nebulizers, and cannulas very easily. More than that, it is super safe and easy to use. This cleaning spray does not contain alcohol, formaldehyde, vinegar, or any dangerous substances at all.

Also, it is environmentally safe so that you can trust that its quality and performance is good. You can use this spray to clean masks, hoses, and tubes, and it will eliminate all bacteria right away. With it, you can trust that there will not be any infectious diseases or bacteria in your equipment at all. It is also simple and easy to use as well, so what do you think?

  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Ideal for daily maintenance
  • Free from harmful substances
  • Eliminates bacteria and germs

The fact it does not leave any smell has already makes it a winner. When there is no smell, you can use your equipment right away after cleaning which is simply convenient. You can use it for daily cleaning, and its quality is simply great.

#3. Nispira Replacement Filter Kit (Filter and Valve)

Nispira Replacement Filter Kit (Filter and Valve)

By: Nispira

In case you are looking for a filter kit, then this might be the one that you look for. This is a cartridge filter that converts the activated oxygen back to regular oxygen as it leaves the chamber. As for the valves, it helps to keep any water away from your CPAP machine. Since you should replace the filter cartridge every 6 months, this option will come in handy. The filter works great, and its price is also reasonable as well. So look no further if you look for the filter kit for your machine.

  • Very easy to use
  • Fits great with the machine
  • Easy to install to the machine
  • Durable and premium quality

The great thing about this filter kit is that it fits and works just as great as the original ones. Most users find it easy to use and change, and its quality is also good as well. With that price for two, you will not regret picking this kit.

#2. CPAP Group Mask Wipes

CPAP Group Mask Wipes

By: CPAP Supplies Plus

Here we have another option of wipes that will help you to clean your machine and equipment. These wipes are ideal for cleaning masks, and they will remove any germs and residues from the masks. There are 40 wipes in the container, and you can it to clean your masks for at least a month. It is very easy and simple to use, and it is also very safe as well. This option is ideal for daily cleaning, and its performance is simply great.

  • No fragrance
  • Safe and effective
  • Does not leave residues
  • Free from alcohol and latex

This one option is simply perfect for mask cleaning, and you can use it on a daily basis easily. It is very safe and healthy, and it leaves no smell that will bother you at all. At the same time, it comes in a compact size that you can easily bring along with. You should take a look, this option is one among the best for masks cleaning.

#1. Medihealer Cartridge Filter Kit 4 Packs

Medihealer Cartridge Filter Kit 4 Packs

By: Medihealer

The purpose of using these filters is to block large particulate matter that may harm your breathing. At the same time, it also helps to keep pollens and other particles from entering the machine as well. With this, you can trust that you breathing machine is safe and healthy to use. At the same time, it also ensures that you will breathe the cleanest air possible as well. Just replace it every two weeks, and your machine will works magic to deliver the best air. The cool part is that these filters are reusable and easy to place, buy once and use for years. How great is that, right? It is very beneficial, and it is also environmentally friendly as well so you might want to take a look.

  • Helps to clean air
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Reusable and easy to replace
  • Blocks pollen, dust, and other particles

Nothing is better than knowing that you are breathing clean and safe air while sleeping. That is why these filters are helpful and useful to have. If you want to make sure that you air is extra clean and fresh, we recommend you getting these filters. It will make things so much better for your machine.


With proper maintenance of your air treatment device, their quality and performance will last longer. That is why the CPAP cleaners in our reviews above are helpful for you. The daily cleaning with the options we recommend will totally take good care of your CPAP machines. That way, you can trust that there will not be any infections or pollutants that will harm your breathing. We hope that you have found the options that you match with your preference from us.

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