Discover The 8 Best Motorcycle Tires In 2021

If you have a bike, you need to use the best motorcycle tire to improve safety on the road. The many models, usually have a black finish made from a quality rubber compound. Not only for increased lifespan but also balance on most surfaces. Some even let you ride on wet grounds without causing any slipping or unsteadiness. If you are looking for the best motorcycle tire, read the following review.

#8. Full Bore F2 Series Motorcycle Sport Bike 110/70ZR17 Front & 140/70ZR17 Rear Radial Tire Combo

Full Bore F2 Series Motorcycle Sport Bike 110-70 ZR17 Front & 140-70 ZR17 Rear Radial Tire Combo

By: Full Bore USA

If you own a street sportbike, this is the best motorcycle tire that suits your device. With a lovely round and black finish, it looks great in all outdoor settings and also on your motorcycle. Made from quality rubber, it is strong and wear-resistance to give you an exceptional service. Plus, the rubber compounds and tread design give you maximum stability on the road. This accessory’s radial construction supports an intense riding.

Featuring W-rating, it works well for speeds over 168mph. Not only that but the material on the compound delivers great grip-to-mileage ratio and balance. Now you can carve the corners, ride hard and steer with ease for a long time. In addition, this best motorcycle tire is ergonomically designed to handle both dry and wet conditions such as mud, snow and much more.

  • For street sportbikes
  • Excellent traction
  • Great handling
  • Reasonable tread life
  • Stable on intense riding

This tire is great for street sportbikes thanks to its quality construction. You can ride for a long time without worrying about wear thanks to the rubber compound. Also, its radial design supports an intense riding on wet or dry grounds. Note that the W-rating supports speeds over 168mph.

#7. Duro HF319 Front/Rear 4 Ply 3.00-16 Classic Vintage (K70) Motorcycle Tire


Duro HF319 Front Rear 4 Ply 3.00-16 Classic Vintage (K70) Motorcycle Tire

By: Duro

When you are searching for a vintage tire, it’s hard to pinpoint the best because they’re not as many as the standard ones. The Duro lets you use this tire for your older motorcycle between the back and front wheel. This is because the size is similar to give you an easy installation. Moreover, this item’s size is 3.00-16, and you can pick other dimensions such as 3.00-18, 3.25-18 and 3.50-16 to meet your biking needs.

Another thing we love about this unit is a lightweight structure of around 6 pounds and much smaller size than the rest. Not only that but also a 4-ply design to enhance durability as well as toughness. Plus, the lovely tread pattern works well on most grounds, whether dry or slippery. Match the attractive black finish with your biking gear such as helmet, clothes and much more to improve your overall look.

  • Vintage design
  • Simple installation
  • For rear and front wheels
  • Affordable
  • Durable 4-ply structure

Leave it to the Duro company to come up with this vintage motorcycle tire. With a similar size, you can fix it on the back or front wheel quickly. Also, its 4-ply structure is robust for enhanced durability. The lovely tread rolls safely on both dry and wet grounds.

#6. Continental ContiMotion Sport/Touring Motorcycle Tire Front

Continental ContiMotion Sport Touring Motorcycle Tire Front


We love the brand new concept of this entry-level market bike tire. Not only is it safe but also more reliable on both wet and dry grounds. That means more stability no matter the season or weather conditions. Also, the 0-degree steel-belt design on the back improves riding comfort and security. The material is rust-proof and wear-proof to extend users usage. Installation is pretty straightforward with this best motorcycle tire. Follow the directions the supplied manual has to get a perfect balance.

Furthermore, the tread design is above average, to help you have more balance on the road. When on the way, you can feel this accessory have slight steering at higher lean angles. Featuring a wear-resistant polymer, they are lighter than other materials to help reduce heat when riding at maximum speeds. Costing around 85 dollars, this best motorcycle tire is affordable and reliable at the same time

  • Entry-level pricing
  • Stylish and reliable
  • Touring style
  • For wet and dry grounds
  • Stable biking

We understand the numerous motorcycle brands offer different service. For the Continental, it is safe on wet and dry grounds, thanks to its brand new design. Also, a convenient belt made from steel has a 0-degree angle to improve riding concept. This tire is affordable and has lovely tread for balance and safety.

#5. Pirelli Diablo Rosso III Front & Rear Street Sport Motorcycle Tires

Pirelli Diablo Rosso III Front & Rear Street Sport Motorcycle Tires

By: Pirelli

The Pirelli is a longstanding company that designs quality wheels for bikes, cars and other items. For this one, it is heavy-duty, thanks to its bi-compound design featuring a large race compound strip. They work together to provide a full grip/hold from mid up to lean angle. Now you can bike with confidence and added balance. Moreover, the large footprint gives you enhanced adherence to slippery effects. Hold your keys safely and comfortably with the provided Pirelli logo key-chain.

This set comes with a back and front wheel for you to install onto your motorcycle with maximum ease. It eliminates the need for running to the shops to get another wheel to suit the assembly. Another feature is the WSBK-derives format to deliver quick turn-in, agile response as well as smooth transitions. Priding of a W-ratting, this accessory is safe, especially at 168mph to speed up your travels.

  • Heavy-duty compound design
  • Excellent grip
  • For mid to lean angle
  • Convenient Pirelli key chain
  • Delivers quick turn-in and agile response

This is the best motorcycle bike made from quality material to give you an excellent grip. Its bi-compound design with a compound strip supports biking on a mid to lean angle. Also, you can attach your keys onto the provided key chain. With a modern W-rating, you can ride quickly and safely at a 168mph speed.

#4. Dunlop D404 Front Motorcycle Tire 100/90-19 (57H) Black Wall

Dunlop D404 Front Motorcycle Tire 100 90-19 (57H) Black Wall

By: Dunlop Tires

Next up, is the Dunlop tires with deep tread design for maximum grip and stability. Its overlapping pattern looks like the touring style to roll smoothly on most surfaces. Plus, the offset center groove ensures you have the ultimate straight-line stability. You can ride on a dry and even wet surface all day with zero complications. In addition, this best motorcycle tire has an expanded size range to support different applications such as cruisers and older bikes. Note that the tread compound has an excellent balance of both grip and mileage.

What’s more, this item’s rear and front style give you excellent water evacuation to ride in all seasons. You can enjoy a smooth ride and high load-carrying limit, thanks to the Bias-ply construction. Although the overall structure works well on most bike styles, it is not recommended for a Harley Davidson. Weighing around 11 pounds, it is lighter than other brands but does not disappoint in service.

  • Safe on all surfaces
  • Maximum stability
  • Balanced grip
  • Expanded size range
  • High load-carrying limit

The overlapping tread design of this tire makes it super safe on most surfaces. You can ride in straight-line with maximum stability due to the offset center groove. Besides, its expanded size range works well for cruisers and older bikes. This tire’s style provides excellent water evacuation suitable for all seasons. The Bias-ply construction supports your biking at a higher load-carrying limit.

#3. Tire 712 Series Front 100/90-19 57H Bias

Tire 712 Series Front 100 90-19 57H Bias

By: Shinko

Shinko is a joint South Korean and Japanese company that has been in operation since 1946, making quality motorcycle tires. This longstanding gives you the assurance of performance on the road when you invest in this Series Front tire. Also, its superior structure helps boost your mileage and performance better than the other brands. You can install it quickly and safely into a steady rim measuring 19mm by following the many online tutorials to speed up the setup. What’s more, this item is an entry-level wheel costing around 50 dollars. Not only is it affordable but super reliable on the roads.

A bonus feature we like is the staggered tread pattern that gives you excellent wet-weather service. It slicks water away quickly from your unit’s surface while providing maximum grip even on the most difficult terrains. Using a 4-ply design made from nylon carcass, this device gives you a smooth and rigid ride. Note that this product is H-rated and is tubeless to support a maximum speed of 130mph. Now you can ride with ease and excellent control on the roads to suit your biking applications.

  • Boosts mileage and performance
  • Fits a 19mm rim
  • Affordable and stable
  • Excellent wet-weather service
  • Smoother and safer riding

If you want the best motorcycle tire that boosts your mileage and performance, stop looking. This one by Shinko company is made from quality material that withstands excessive use in all seasons. Also, it has staggered tread pattern that gives you excellent wet-weather service.

#2. Bridgestone M22 Motocross Rear Tire 3.00-16

Bridgestone M22 Motocross Rear Tire 3.00-16

By: Bridgestone

Another best motorcycle tire we have in our list is the Bridgestone rear wheel for hard terrains. Boasting a “Blue Groove” it gives you the best off-road riding experience. Not only to keep you safe during the wet season but also minimize road accidents. You can bike for an extended time with maximum balance. Moreover, its black finish looks great on all terrains, whether tarmac, gravel and others. This item provides excellent grip, thanks to the modern tread style. The patterns are deep to dissipate water out of the way suitable for dry and wet fields.

Moreover, this accessory is designed for the rear bike wheel to improve stability on the road. You can ride with added confidence, thanks to its lightweight structure weighing about 6 pounds. This also means easy manuevering even through the trickiest corners. Although the construction is not suitable for the long trips, you can use it on rough surfaces to improve your riding action.

  • Suitable for hard terrains
  • Easy to use and install
  • Improved safety on wet grounds
  • Deep treads dissipate water on slippery surfaces
  • Lightweight and stable

Most of the Bridgestone’s tires are used widely by many bikers. This one comes with an excellent casing profile and deep tread pattern for optimum cornering grip. Apart from that, the design lets you install at the rear part of your bike for the perfect grip. Besides, it weighs only 6 pounds for a lighter and quicker riding action.

#1. Michelin Commander II Front Motorcycle Tire

Michelin Commander II Front Motorcycle Tire


Most people, when they hear the name Michelin, tires come in mind immediately. It has designed this motorcycle wheel with rubber compounds for incredible wet grip. This is done with compromising the performance as well as durability. Moreover, this unit has square bead-wire storage to enhance the casing rigidity, ease of installation and handling. The use of Amplified Density Technology gives you a highly solid tire casing suitable for all conditions.

We love the Silica Rain Technology that integrates silica into the tire tread compound and the tread pattern to prevent all effects of uneven wear. Plus, an ergonomic structure gives you both stability and manuverability on the roads. Moreover, this rear tire has an aramid fiber crown ply for the perfect lightness and resistance at high speeds. We take note of the many longitudinal grooves to optimize water dispersal, especially on wet grounds.

  • Incredible wet grip
  • Enhances casing rigidity
  • Easy installation
  • Stable and flexible
  • Perfect rolling resistance

Michelin motorcycle tire has rubber compounds to give you incredible wet grip. That means safe biking on all season whether rainy, muddy or dry. The square bead-wire storage design enhances the casing rigidity to give you an easy installation. Also, a unique Amplified Density Technology supports an all-occasion use. Ride your bike on wet grounds safely because of the many longitudinal grooves on the treads.

To Conclude:

In our list above, you’ll find the best motorcycle tires in the market that deliver an exceptional service. They can withstand even the harshest weather and surface conditions to keep you stable and safe at all times. Plus, the design of these best motorcycle tires improve your riding action as well as cornering.

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